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Saturn SL2 (26 Reviews)
Have had this car almost seven years ( this October), I don't do long drives and when I was working, I only drove 2 miles each way. I have only put 32000 miles on it since I bought it. It is a very economical vehicle, I just had to have new front brakes put on, I also replaced the alloy wheels with steel ones, because I would come out to a different flat tire each day. My airco needs a shot of Freon, if only you could still get Freon ( that was done away with in 1990), these things are no big deal.
MY PROBLEM IS THIS CAR LEAKS!!!!!!!!! WE HAVE CAULKED EVERYTHING!!! !! It doesn't come in through the moonroof or windshield, but underneath the dashboard on the drivers side, so depending on the type of rain, I may get 5 inches on the driver floor!
Any suggestions other than get rid of it????????
This is my first car I love it. It only takes $20 to fill the tank. It's got more than enough room for my kids and I to be comfortable and It drives smooth the only thing I would add is a cd player other then that no complaints. It is of course a used car other then a few interior issued from the previous owner that won't cause much to restore it's a good relaiable vehicle.
I love my Saturn SL2. Yes there have been some issues, I bought it used but I have had it over 6 years. It is the best car I have ever had. The biggest issue I have had with it is, I have had to have the AC repaired every year. It will work for a season and then will stop working when I have to start switching on the heat. (crazy right!)
Also I have had to have the key assembly in the steering column replaced twice because the locking mechanism keeps malfunctioning and locking up so my key would not turn when I tried to start the car. Other than that just normal car repairs and maintenance.
Funny fact- This car is almost impossible to break into unless you actually break a window to get into to it. Also just an FYI if you ever have to "break" into your car, say you are stranded on the side of the road and have a complete blonde moment and lock you keys in your car, the best and cheapest window to break is the front or back windshield. And for the love of Mike DO NOT break that tiny little window that does nothing in the rear door. It is the most expensive window to have replaced.
Car is a blast to drive and is super-reliable. At 190,000 miles, and get 32 mpg city & highway.

Car was BADLY abused before I got it at 80,000, and still ran fine. Previous owner SEVERELY OVERHEATED the engine. Aside work associated with fixing damage caused from the overheating problem, the maintenance has been pretty standard.

When anything does go bad the replacement part is usually pretty cheap.

Car does consume a bit of oil though. Engine uses 1 qt every 300-500 miles depending on how high I push the RPM.

Dent resistant panels are pretty awesome. I accidentally hit a parked Pontiac in the parking lot at 10mph. My car suffered no damage, but his front bumper needed a really expensive repair.
excellent car,I have put 101,000 miles on since buying it in 1993. I have been able to do all needed repairs with out ever having to take it back to a dealer.I am very disappointed that GM dropped this car,I would have bought a new one if the interior and horsepower were upgraded.
I love my Saturn from the day I bought it. Purchased in 1993 and it only has 60, 000 miles on it. I've had no problems until yesterday.
The trip guage started to run continuously, driving my mileage up. I drove 45 miles and my mileage registered 147 miles. What could be wrong with this. My low mileage is the value in this car.
My 15 year old Saturn SL2 has 245,000 miles on it and could continue to provide me with more miles, but it starting to burn some oil and has a cracked windshield. I am going to buy a used SL2 with lower miles because I believe so much in this car. With the plastic body panels it looks as good as new! A great car.
The car has been great for the last couple of years, but recently there has been a rattling that know one has been able to identify or clarify where it is coming from and what it means. it sounds like it is in the wheelwell in the front passenger side, but an inspection by a shop said they would need to look further to identify exactly what the problem actually is. Has anyone else had this issue?
I love my Saturn. It is 14 years old and it is the best little car I ever drove. I wish I could get another new one.
i have a 1998 sl2 car wont start no nothing checked the teminals n battery.all that works is the lights n horn n the car good on gas n all.would it b the ignition switch.need ur help cant wast the money n find out it was something simple.times r bad right now so please help me out.tyvm
The battery continues to go dead. Once it has died I hear a clicking sound coming from under the console. I have changed the fuses but it doesn't seem to fix it. It seems to also go dead faster at night when the lights are being used. I keep wondering if it's the alternator but would this cause a clicking sound from underneath the console? This made me wonder if it was the seat belt motor causing the problem???
Horrible experience with my Saturn. Roof leaks horribly with bad design on weatherstriping. Plastic intake manifold cracks easily and major cause of coolant problems in the Saturns. Major vibrations when running. Really wished I had researched this car a bit more before purchasing one. Emergency Brake light sensor goes out frequently causing the car to sound off the entire time you are driving.
I have a 1999 Saturn SL2 , and when I push the accelerater slowly and give it alittle pettal it makes a vibration/rattling noise under the hood . I have no idea what it is . Does anyone out there ?
We purchased ours new in 12/2000. We've put 98K on it. We had a coolant leak at 50K and a mechanic said the head gasket was shot. We decided to try a sealer first. We've had the cooling system flushed since then, and so far, the seal has held just fine. So far, we've had no other major problems - just the routine stuff. We've always gotten great mileage - still 38 highway, 32 in town. The body is still looking good. We'll keep the car as long as we can. We're staying on top of the cooling system, though - the head gasket issue may still need to be addressed at some point.
I have over 315,000 miles on my Saturn and it has been well worth the price I paid for it used 7 years ago. I think I can keep it running another 5 years.
I have 180,00 miles of my driving on this car. I drive it hard, as I have all my cars. This holds up to my jack rabbit starts, power add-ons / modifications, fast driving and everything else I have thrown at it. It drives 13 hours straight on a regular basis and the only complaints I have are it burns a quart of oil ever 1000 miles and the brakes rotors have a tendency to run hot and warp. (No, I don't ride the brake, I try not to use them at all. LOL)
i have a saturn and 9 years good gas milage 29mpg endurable engine except for the a/c compressor clutch.
This car is great on gas i get 340+miles per tank. $30 bucks to fill it up and easy to work with love this car. Great buy.
This is the best car I've ever had and haven't had much problems except for the tires going bad. I am now having to replace my brakes and rotor which are in bad shape. The brakes used to make a whistling or sqeaking noise sometimes but I guess that means it needs to be checked.
Almost have 170k miles on mine and it still runs like a top. It does get slightly shaky after 60MPH. The body is great with no dents (obviously because it's plastic). I have never had a problem with the brakes, but I have heard some of my Saturn friends mention the brake fluid can contaminate. The lights work fine, the engine doesn't have the "GM Tick" even at 170k miles. The heater blows plenty of hot air, but I don't know about the air conditioner. I never use it. My biggest problem with this car is the emissions. It's a little bit difficult sometimes to figure out what is causing emission problems.
we purchased vehicle with 14000 mile it has been great running on highway and good on gas mileage. very dependable
No major problems except those associated with age. Decent work horse, not fancy, could be more comfortable for taller drivers. Not crazy about the steering, always seemed a little loose but they use a special valve steering system so it's okay, my wife has no issues with it.
We purchased this vehicle new in 1996 and have had absolutely no problems with it. The interior and exterior have held up. It gets about 32 mpg and is a blast to drive. We have replaced the battery twice, new tires once, brakes once in 87000 miles, but no major repairs to any component (engine,transmission,etc.) Great vehicle; other manufacturers should model themselves after Saturn.
My second is our 1996 SL2.
When I bought it the engine was ill and I knew it.
I swapped the engine and all was not perfect.
We have had a series of issues that take time to fix.
Passing emissions is the biggest headache, with many "code" issues and many hours troubleshooting piddly problems.
We have replaced a drivers window motor(easy from the outside). and have many cosmetic and small issues.
This was a cheap, cheaply made car that has excellent performance and mileage, however suffers from nagging small issues that make it a pain.
I love my Saturn! I have almost 170,000 miles, all of which I put on it, and I have had very few repair issues with it, comparatively speaking. The majority of the repairs have been merely routine maintainence.

Great car and would recommend a Saturn to anyone!
I bought this car new in Oct 1998 so have owned it 10 years. It has been well maintained following the manufacturer's recommendations. The car today has only 56900 miles on it because I live close to work.
It has been an excellent car; just now replaced the fuel pump and filter, last year a computer engine chip, both totaling about $1400.00 for parts and labor. Also replaced the brakes two years ago at the dealer who didn't do a good job, had to be redone. Cost about $400. Those are the total repair expenses in 10 years.
The car has been garaged both at home and work so the exterior is very good - scratches from shopping carts notwithstanding, no dents or paint fading. Even my mechanic loves this car and says it "keep it".
I was thinking of getting a new "green" car but just went on a road trip and got 29.77 mpg, would have been higher but made four shopping stops in 5 hours and got caught in a freeway slowdown for 10 miles at about 3 mph. Maybe I will keep this for awhile....