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head lamps and dsh lights flash when engine running
The biggest annoyance I have experienced with my 2002 SL2 is the automatic door locks and handles. The whole system was cheaply made and I have had to replace the front two doors actuators once because I could not open the doors. Now the replacements have gone bad so I am having to replace them a second time. Extremely annoying having to open my driver's side passenger and unlock the driver's door form the inside to enter my car!!!!

Great engine. Very easy to work on. LOVE the plastic exterior panel! Saturn discontinued the use of plastic panels around 2006 (I think) and went to metal. Bad move. Ride is rather stiff but the 4 cylinder engine has some serious get-up-and-go!

Bottom line, . . . decent car and good gas mileage but no one left to complain to, . . . .if buying used be sure you get it checked out from head to toe.
i will have to start my saturn sc2 car for about 20times before it starts and while on motion if theres a little bit traffic and i put it on park, if i now therefore return it to drive, the car would go off, what could be the problem
Got a 97 saturn sc2, went to start nothing, no sound when key was turned. Had no interior lights, no power windows, no power door locks, and no door chimes. Had lights on dash and radio, still nothing. Went to passenger side fuse panel, popped it off and looked on back of panel, took out the one that is a 10 amp fuse marked body and replaced the new fuse and lord and behold it cranked! Hope this will work for some of yall that are having the same problem. .89 cent 10 amp fuse, and my car started! Was so glad I hadn't replaced everything under the hood before we found this one small thing.
i had the ignition replaced in my 2001 sc2 saturn, now the car wont start. it cranks like it is going to turn over, rumbles and dies. the safety light is flashing.everythingelse is working well. what do i need to do?
I have a 97 Saturn SC2.. I bought it 6 years ago with 123K on it. I have had to do regular maintence to it.. Replace the starter ..water pump 2x..and the uses oil, so I have to check it regularly..maybe a quart every 400 to 500 miles. So I am careful and make sure its changed. Overall this car has been awesome! its cheap to fix. it now has 220K on it and is still running strong. The shifter cable bushing just came out..but apparently there is a cheap and easy fix!
I love my Saturn. wish they didnt stop making them. D.
Love this car! I wouldn't have thought to buy a two door, but I love the fact that it has an extra half door on the driver side to open when I need to take things out of the car like packages or my nephews:) Great on gas, I check my oil and change it every 2 months because it tends to get dirty very quickly ( i drive a lot) And if I forget, it lets me know. I 've had to change some emission parts over the years but they were easy to do. In general I love this car because it's good to me, when I am good to it.
I am the third owner. The odometer stopped working at just over 145K- 8 years ago! Everything else works properly. This car runs great! Crisp handeling, impressive acceleration, and it stops on a dime. No leaks, no noises, no problems... and very good gas milage too. With continued regular maintanence, (oil, breaks, tires, etc...), I fully expect this car will easily last 10 more years! - It's that good! We are going to Florida again soon and we have a much newer Chrysler town & country minivan, or also newer ford taurus, and, as usual, we are going in the Saturn.
Nice light fiberglass car , hard to find new tires for some reason.
I have a 2001 SC2 with just over 90,000 miles on it. I'm the original owner. No major problems. I love this car - it's like the enegizer bunny, and so cute and sporty too! I've taken good care of it, and it's taken good care of me. People are surprised when I tell them it's 10 years old, they always say it looks great.
2002 Saturn SC2 I brough this car from someone for 2,600 and It the worst car saturn could of make because I replace the engine 4 times and it not like i dont take care of it. I makesure every 4 months i get oil change at love days. And Yestarday i when start it and i wont even turn over. I am about to blow up stupid car
Good dependable transportation. 162,000 miles & going strong.
Oops forgot to mention in the last post.
I had to replace all of the motor mounts on the '97 Saturn SC2 too.

i bought this used in january 09. i get a standard tune up (im at 96k miles) 2 months ago and am told i need a new transmission! nice. now i go this morning and the car wont start but all lights and windows work. but the dashboard always shakes, i need new motor mounts too.when i go to back up its a 3 second delay [said the mechanic] and for the past week when i parked the car, it wouldnt turn all the way left in the ignition switch so the car would chime and wouldnt lock when i parked it and shut the door. im hoping just the battery is dead when i go to look for one this afternoon, but just my luck it would be the starter or ignition switch or something i dont have the dough to pay for. this car helped me out in a pinch and has been great on gas and air conditioning in the hot vegas summers, but like the other guy, the main thing is its paid for. i kind of had no choice when i bought this, i needed something fast, and needed something without payments but man, its sketchy. i had a hyundai accent and that thing was small and had plastic doors like this thing but it had a warranty and ran like a champ
Hands down the best, most reliable car I've ever owned. I mistakenly drove the car for almost two months with no oil in it, and it still runs fine!
My saturn has 211,000 miles have had the front bearings replaced 6 times other than that it has been a great car
Fun car to drive. Nice handling and sporty. Maintenance is painless.
I've bought my SC2 new almost 14 years ago and it's still going stone and new-looking at over 100,000 miles. Very few repairs--alternator & valve gasket cover (2x). The suspension is super tight & brakes are very responsive. Hard starts, though, require setting the key to Run before turning the ignition.
I have one 1998 and still runing like new
Best car I EVER had! It has 170,000 and is still going. VERY reliable!
My wife bought the car new. Now has 71K miles. No need to change the oil, just the filter. It needs one quart of oil every 1000 miles. Loud engine, shakes very bad. Horn will sound for no reason then burn out (on my third horn). Automatic shifting is terribble, 3 sec hesitation when engine is cold. No heat in the winter. Need to fill tires up with air every three weeks, factor rims suck. Repair records are thicker than my Bible. Bergstrom Saturn Dealer is useless, the car will need to be brought into the shop at least three times before problem will be solved. I would never buy a Saturn again. The only good thing about this car is IT IS PAID FOR.