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Saturn LW200 (4 Reviews)
I bought my car in 2004 with 42000 miles on it. It now has 170000. The only problems I had was the AC and a few body things like the back hatch doesn't stay up, the driver window is a little loose so it's noisy to drive. It doesn't have a timing chain so I didn't have that problem. The engine runs fantastic and I dread the day my car gets too old. However, just today, the transmission isn't working, so off to the mechanic tomorrow. I couldn't find any reviews about this, so don't know yet if it's worth it to fix it, but I think so, given blue book value is $3000.
I purchased this car in 2004. Looking at the history of the vehicle, the first owner, put 99,000 miles on it in 18 months. The timing chain had been changed. Over the next eight years I put 125,000 more miles on it. It has been a great car. There have been a few repairs like the fuel pump, the a/c compressor and condensor, and axle. I have changed the brakes and oil regularly. There may be an exhaust leak at this point, from the manifold or valve covers. Likely needs struts. But runs very well,and is very comfortable. It handles well on the road as a family car. Not as good as my Audi Quattro or Honda Civic on curves.
I originally leased the vehicle as a new car in December, 2001. After 39 months, I was way over the mileage limit, so I purchased it.

I am still driving it every day, often 100-200 miles a day. I now have 208,000 miles on it, and it still runs fine. The only body damage is from a theft/ joyride incident two years ago. The right side was involved in a sideswipe incident whereby the mirror was torn off the car. The polymer door panels showed no damage and only slight scratches. If it had steel panels, it would have been a mess.

Other than that, the car still looks new, and still look great. I'll drive it until I can't any more. The only issue I ever had is a leak in the A/C system.

GM mad a mistake dropping the Saturn.
We had one of these for a couple years and had tons of problems. When the timing chain broke that was the last straw. Never again!