Q: rewiring and by passing the computer on 2001 Mercedes-Benz CL600

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I would love to know if it is possible to make my CL600 computerless and bring it back to the 70-80's models, simple and no computers. My instrument cluster is like daily news bulletin! Every day one light comes on and the next goes of! Mechanically is perfect and there are so many false messages it is very annoying. Now I know as computer person, all manufacturers warnings tell you not to put your computer in the heat or moving it around as it might damage the HD. Now the car is always in motion and the engine is hot, so how can you have a functioning computers in such harsh environment? I need to get rid of the computers and have my vehicle wired like standard vehicle, is this possible and who should I be looking for to do this change?

Thank you very much

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Hello rampump, reality is I'm not the guy and good luck in finding the right guy. If you a really serious call me at 239-220-5869.
Hi Mahindra: Could you be more specific in your answer! are you the guy I'm looking for? if it is pls confirm by replying. Thanks