Q: Rear left head gasket leaking anti freeze, no coolant in oil, no bubbles in rad on 2000 Chrysler Voyager

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Leak on rear bank of 3.3L. on left rear side. No indication of other problems or leaks. There is Sealant called Dura Seal for this problem. Anyone used this? Results? Recommended? Cost for repair/replace head gasket? Thanks, Darrell
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I agree with Dave. sealants are a bad idea. besides, you do head gaskets in pairs to avoid lop sided compression.

Is your coolant leaking on the outside of the engine or inside?

By and large, using sealants is a terrible idea with huge ramifications. Components get damaged and clogged and irreversibly damaged and contaminated.

Click that link to our Estimator tool - you'll find a price range for replacing cylinder head gaskets on your vehicle in your area.
DO NOT USE ANY SEALERS! Replace the affected head gasket. If your budget allows, replace both head gaskets since you have the top end apart, you are looking at an additional 1.5 hours labor, however if you choose to replace just one, no need to worry about "lopsided compression". That just doesn't happen. Depending on your vehicles mileage, you may want to consider a valve job on both cylinder heads while the engine is apart.
Vehicle & engine have 85,000 miles, not sure wise decision putting close to $2k in head & valve Job? Is Tranny next? + struts & shocks.. Rt drive axle was replaced @ 79K.. Understand all concerns about retail sealers.. Looking for any experience's with only Dura Seal products. They make their own & report good success on Sub. & Navstar CAD. head gasket repair w/o draining rad. Note: Unable to do work myself due to comp from heart attack.