Q: problem with passenger rear turn signal on 2003 Volkswagen Beetle

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Today my brake light went out. I changed it no problem, but now when I turn on my signal light on the passenger side it will only work when I do not have my night lights on. I thought it might have been the fuse so I changed it but it was not. First I want to know how much is this going to cost to fix? Secondly, would this be something I could simply fix myself or will I need to hire a mechanic?
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are you sure you installed the right bulb, get another bulb from a good auto parts store ( napa ) and switch that bulb to make sure before going any further
I changed both of the lights. But now it looks like the turning signal light is just permanently on. The auto part store I went to said that the turn signal light and the brake light were the same bulbs, but it's weird b/c my blinker is still working when don't turn on my night time lights. I also bought a different bulb for the blinker light and it doesn't work.
sounds like you need a double bulb like an 1157 type (two contacts on the base of the bulb). this type of bulb only goes in 1 way, the tangs on the side of the bulb are different heights. if you have a sense of humor, this site may help
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