Q: oil pan gasket on 2005 Mercury Mariner

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there is oil leaking and when i got the oil changed, they said it was because of the oil pan gasket. i called to get prices and was told my car does not have an oil pan gasket, is this true and what could be causing the leak?
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Looks like RTV sealant is used in place of a gasket and the labor to remove and replace the oil pan and replace the RTV sealant for the oil pan gasket is 2.4 hours
I had oil dripping down my oil pan this past winter. With the extreme cold weather Toledo, OH was experiencing I let it go till it warmed up and keep an eye on the oil level. I found (I change my oil myself) the oil filter with the extreme cold had become loose??? I guess with the (cold/hot heat from engine)the filter expands and contracts the filter was really loose. It was dripping down the oil filter, directly behind it, behind a hose, down the back of the engine block to the oil pan and all down the edge. It looked like an oil pan leak!!! Have to clean the area well and look see??? But, I would bet on a loose oil filter!!. I would never guess in my years the filter would come loose??? But, it did! I changed my own oil and know the filter was tight. Changed oil, tightened filter slightly tighter and NOW No leaks! I cleaned the entire area where the oil was dripping down with engine degrease spray and parts cleaner. I have checked the pan and no leaks anymore!