Q: Oil Leak - Struts needed replacement. on 2003 Honda Civic

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I got my Honda Civic 2003 Coupe oil change last week.They told me my oil was leaking and i need to get my Struts changed.They said its not anything major now and it would cost me 600 for the Struts and 600 for the labor.I want to avoid getting anything repaired this month.Should i manually put the oil from above if the oil keeps leaking.
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Yes the oil is leaking, they said the front struts needs to be replaced.can you please tell me the rough estimate for the repair.Also can you please let me know if I can add oil myself to the engine.Thanks
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yes you can add oil to eng by yourself. is the eng leaking oil or are the struts leaking oil. if the eng is leaking oil where is it comong from. seek a 2nd opinion if there is any doubt
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its common for front struts to go bad on earlier civics but, $1200 seems high. The front struts are around $250 each x2 and labor plus alignment should be around $850
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