Q: oil leak on 2002 Porsche Boxster

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I am the original owner, 15,800mi/25,600km. My car has been perfect. This morning, I drove it a short distance and when I returned, I saw an 18"x24" pool of very clean oil where I park my car. I have not driven it since, though I did start sounds perfect. The digital oil gauge shows the oil is fine (had the yearly maintenance in May). The car has been maintained only by the dealership.There has not been a single drop of oil since, and photos taken underneath show nothing. Can anyone tell me what's going on?
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This will need a visual inspection to determine the cause. If you can get under where the puddle is, you may be able to see the cause of the leak. If this is not possible, then I would get it towed so you don't do any damage, and it will prevent oil from getting all over the underside of the vehicle.
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"Oil gauge" shows.. :(. Good LUCK! I feel your STRESS!