Q: OBD Codes p0128, po130, po133 on 2005 GMC Canyon

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The codes recently came up but I have no problems with the operation of the truck.
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The codes are currently cleared and I'm waiting for reoccurrence. If they return another responder has given a response that I can use very effectively.
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P0128 means that the engine temperature isn't rising fast enough to assure the vehicle is getting into close loop as quickly as it should. The most common cause is a thermostat that doesn't close properly.

The P0130 should be noted because that test won't run if the P0128 is set, so they have to bve occurring at different times, or one of them may not even be a current issue, it may be historical. The P0130 means that the system took too long to go into closed loop operation due to the B1S1 O2 sensor not responding fast enough. This is a two trip failure which means the test had to run and fail two times to generate a trouble code. Combine that with the P0133 B1S1 which is a slow response code for the same sensor and once the heater circuit is tested for the bank #1 upstream sensor, it probably needs replaced.
Your solution sounds very promising. After having cleared the codes, I'm hoping that in changing the O2 sensor that the problem will be solved. Thank you very much.