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O2 and catalyst monitor not ready on 2006 Hyundai Tiburon

I bought my car 2weeks ago and I still haven't taken delivery on it because they can't get the o2 or catalyst monitor to read ready!! They replaced all 3 catalytic converters and replaced an aftermarket air intake and still can't get them to be ready to pass inspection!! Wth.. What could be the problem?? Any suggestions?? They want to bring it to a hyundai dealer and flash the computer!! Does that seem right?? Very frustrated at this point!! I just need one code to clear!!
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Okay, the catalyst monitor will only pass under specific conditions. These conditions can be produced during what is called an OBDII drive cycle. However, this will not force the catalyst monitor to run if there is a problem with the system. If the vehicle is not displaying any obvious symptoms, the best way to find the cause is through the use of a scan tool though I'm thinking they don't have one. A few things that can prohibit the cat monitor to run are a RICH condition (worn plugs, bad plug wire or coil, leaking injector or one that is not atomizing the fuel), a LEAN condition (inoperative fuel injector, vacuum leak, exhaust leak near one of the O2 sensors or near the cat, bad O2 sensor, stuck EGR valve). Now you said the monitor would not pass, then you said it had a code. A monitor can refuse to run for a long time before the computer will set a code but if a code is set, the monitor will never run. If you have a code, please tell me what it is. I need all the information you have.
Hey Rojo1 thanks for replying! You have ma a lot of great information that I can pass along to the mechanic working on my car!! Unfortunately they aren't open on the weekends and they are bringing the car to a hyundai dealer on Monday to flash the computer, whatever that means!! I also made a mistake in saying that I need one code to clear what I meant was I need one monitor to read ready so it will pass nys inspection either the catalyst or o2 !! I bought the car from a dealer that is 2 hrs away from me so it makes it that much harder!! I had the car last weekend after they replaced three cats and all three o2 sensors and drove it all weekend to see if the monitors would clear but it threw a cel on Sunday and I have the car back on Tuesday and they told me the after market air box was causing it to run to lean and he replaced it with an oe air box and still can't get monitors to be ready!! That's why they are flashing the computer!! Does this seem like the solution to you??
A flash of the pcm is actually a reprogram and it may very well fix this concern. The pcm flash has become a very common procedure in dealerships due to the technology present in modern cars. They are usually sent to the dealers by the manufacturers through a web portal. The dealer will update their scan tool which will drop this flash file onto it, then the tech will hook up to your car and upload the flash file. Most problems flash files deal with are parameters in the pcm software that determine, based on out-of-range sensor signals, when to turn on the cel. If the parameters are too tight, the pcm will command the light on under circumstances that are actually good enough to be called normal. In this even, the reflash will widen the parameters so the pcm will only turn on the cel when a signal is far enough out-of-range to cause a problem. FYI--There is quite a lot of information the computer must compile in order to run the O2 and catalyst monitors which are verifying signals inside a range of 0 to 1 volt. At any rate, I feel pretty confident that the flash will straighten it out. Let me know if it does. Good luck!
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