Q: No speedo after vss sensor change on 1993 Ford F-250

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I had a speed sensor code and after changing vss on rear diff things got worse

Now I have abs light on, no speedo and code

Went back to old sensor still abs light but speedo can back but erratic still code

Cleaned connector back to new sensor still have issue

Wire looks ok but have traced all the way back

All was fine before the repair except thep code

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I had a code set for failed Speed Sensor and neutral position sensor and poor performance power and fuel mileage. Occasional hard shifts and excess clutch slippage

I replaced neutral position sensor and that code went away. At same time as speed sensor change on rear diff.

I since both the old and new speed sensor are giving erratic signals I am leaning toward with a bad plug or wiring.

Since it got worse after touching the plug to remove it I am assuming it is close to that end and not up toward the front.

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