Q: My trunk will not lock on 2000 BMW 528i

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Ican hear the lock click when I push the button on my key...the latch does not lock in place. Is there a cable that connects the latch and the automatic lock.
Thanks for any advice
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Is it that your trunk will not stay shut, or when you lock the car, you can still push the button and the trunk opens?
The trunk will not lock at all...I can hear the automatic lock engage but does not secure the trunk lid.
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If the trunk will not close securely, you need to make sure the latch on the trunk lid securely contacts the retaining shaft built into the body of the car. Those latches have a habit of bending over time, particularly if you have a tendency to slam the trunk. You can do this with a flashlight watching the latch move towards teh retainer as you slowly put the trunk lid in the closed position. If that looks good, take a screwdriver press inward on the latch mechanism and see if it will lock around the screwdriver. That will test the latch assembly. Let me know.
Since I just had this happen to my 2000 BMW 528i, I thought I would post a reply reminder that this is most definitely a DIY repair. The trunk would go all the way down but wouldn't latch. After looking at a video on youtube I took the trunk cover off, removed the lock mechanism, and found that the spring inside had snapped. BMW wanted to charge me over $250 to replace the entire part. The parts manager actually told us that they were making a killing on this exact repair. Napa Auto Parts said they could get me the same part for $150. I fixed it myself with a $5 extension spring (2" length, 5/16 dia, 041 wire guage) I got at OSH and a pair of needle nose pliers. It took just a few minutes to do.
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