Q: my clutch pedal is almost too the floorboard when i depress it on 2000 Chevrolet S10

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gears are hard to engage
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You may have a leak in either the clutch master or clutch slave cylinder. Check the fluid level in the reservoir ,usually located next to the brake master cyl. and also takes dot 3 brake fluid (but check the cap or owners manual to be sure). If it is low ,top it off and slowly pump the clutch pedal releasing it slowly also (this will help get some air out of the system).If that makes a difference then you need to locate the leak.master cyl.will sometimes leak inside under the floorcoverings by the firewall.slave cylinder is inside the bell housing so if you have other engine or trans leaks that may be more difficult to prove.If no leaks I would then suspect a worn pressure plate/disc assembly.High miles on the existing clutch?
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