Q: My car idles rough when idling and with white smoke coming from the tail pipe. on 1993 Lexus ES300

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White smoke comes out of the tail pipe on idle and there is a gas smell .It feels like the car will shut down--missing really bad when I stop. There is a strong smell of gas coming in the car from the vents.
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Unfortunately the earlier Es300 did blow head gaskets. Is the coolant system discolored brown, mysteriously loosing coolant or are you experiencing higher than normal running temperatures? Does the smoke out the exhaust smell slightly sweet?
This happened to my car twice. No engine light on and it doesn't shut down just white smoke out the tail pipe that smells like gas, a little shacking, and the idle seems off. After a while it stops doing it. Please help!!!
If you haven't changed the fuel filter in the last 30,000 miles, you should now. Our 1997 ES300 with 120,000 miles had similar symptoms that cleared up after having the fuel filter was replaced!