Q: my 2001 Honda acoord is making a squeakin noise when I make a left turn mostly on 2001 Honda Accord

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sometimes I hear it when im driving at low speed. maybe the ball joints or bearing?
(2) Answers
Does it stop when you apply the brakes? If so I may be of some help because I have the same problem. I have a 96 Honda wagon and I took it to Midas (they have a free 51 point brake inspection and give you an estimate of how much they would charge to fix any problems they find) What they told when I asked them what caused that noise (also on left turns)that it was my brakes were wearing unevenly and the squeak, squeak squeak sound came from a "tab" that is there to make that noise to alert you of when your brakes or rotors or pads are wearing thin or uneven or...(as a warning your brakes need service)There is supposed to be a way to snap it off I think it is located on or in the right rear wheel hub area if that makes any sense. I think you have to take off the tire to get to it. It gets irritating. (but they wanted $800 for my problem) So hope this helps.
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