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Q: Mini air conditioner repair & State Inspection on 2004 Mini Cooper

I have a 2004 Mini Cooper with 32,600 miles. The air conditioner went out and the repair will cost $1856 ( at the Dealership in VA. Beach, VA)to put in a new compressor. Is this a reasonable price? Also, my mini just passed the annual state inspection (Same Dealership) 2 weeks ago and of the items they checked were my HVAC and front headlights. Along with a new compressor the repair shop now says I need my headlights adjusted. Shouldn't these problems show up during the state inspection?
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STOP! Don't pay that much at all! STOP! Really, there are temperature sensitive fuseable links in the coil that causes the clutch on the compressor to enguage. When they fail and the ALL do, the compressor won't run and you are toast. The dealer will wnat, as you know, to sell you a new compressor and the same thisng will happen again! I have great news for you and all other Mini owners. There is a AC parts house in Ocala Florida that actually rewinds these coils without the links which is a total reapir and success. The trick is that you DON"T want or need to pull the compressor. I have repalced the coil in my Mini three times before I found this company and I live in Florida. If you are emchanically inclined you can actually remove the coil, send it to this company and reinstall it without opening the AC system. Here is the really GOOD news, it only costs $29.00 plus a little shipping!!!!!!! No kidding, tell that to your dealer. IF you are NOT mechanically inlined you cna have a reputable mechanic call me and I will tell him how it is done. Belive me, you will thank me every time you punch up the Snowflake button and relaly cold air blasts out at you. My emial is

Marty de
Winter Haven Florida
(Iknow alllllllllllll the Mini issues)
My 2006 Copper S (convertible) was idling with the air conditioning on, the radio on and the car blowed some fog or smoke, the power stering stop working, the gauges got crazy.
I got it to a gas station and the guys told me the battery was bad, I replced the battery and everything came up to work again but the air conditioner stop working.
The lights work but I don't listen or noticed the compressor working.
Could it be just a fuse? The smoke I saw was a valve from the AC system? Can you help me?
Thnaks, AL.
My girls a/c is not working on her 2004 mini s. With a/c on high clutch will not engage. Warm air blows inside car. It has power to the red wire going to the a/c, as well as the black wire on the other side of connector leading into back side of clutch. The pressure on the low side was high, but could be a false reading since clutch is not engaging. To my understanding you cant recharge the a/c if the clutch don't work. The aux fan and power steering fan do come on. I am pretty good with cars even though I am not a certified mechanic. I am interested in trying your suggestion. If you wouldn't mind writing back with further instructions. Also if you had a way for me to contact this company you know off. e-mail is thank you for your time
You can get another estimate from a independent shop here and double check the AC compressor replacement here Call a few shops to find one that works on AC compressors first as it might be as simple as just needing a freon recharge
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