Q: loud roaring noise when decelerating between 55-70 mph on 2002 GMC Yukon

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on my 2002 gmc yukon if you are driving over 55 mph and let off on the accellerator it make a loud roaring noise. If you press on the accelerator the noise goes away??? any help appreciated
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Usually if a roaring noise is heard during acceleration or deceleration only (one or the other) it could be the rear differential as this is one of the symptoms of a failing ring and pinion (rear end)
You may want to check to ensure that 4wd is not engaged and also verify that the 4wd sensor is still good. If your vehicle is not 4wd you may want to have the wheel bearings checked. It may also be your universal joint, check to make sure you don't have any slop in it. If you do replace it. Hope this helps to narrow down the issue.
Thanks a lot. I took it to a Chevrolet Dealer and that is what they said it was( Both Rear Bearings) going bad. They wanted $1100 to repair. I will look for a cheaper repair elsewhere!! Thanks again
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