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Ford Explorer Leaking Radiator

Ford Explorer Problem
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Model Years Affected: 2006, 2008

Average Mileage: 57,815 mi (23,000 mi - 86,000 mi)

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    My 2008 Explorer radiator failed on its own. I later noticed that my fan will always run trying to keep up with the heat generated. I also had to keep topping coolant. On making a little research, i found out that its a common problem with 2006 thru 2008 ford explorer and so many people had replaced their radiator. The cost of doing this can set you back almost a thousand bucks. I did replace the leaking radiator along with the reservoir and the AC evaporator but i did something which put paid to the radiator ever busting again. i found out that the radiator cap is a very important part of the cooling system and its actually very important to the life of your radiator. I found out that the vapor return valve was stuck in the closed position. All i had to do was remove and gave it a thorough wash working the valve up and down. I later found out that my first radiator got busted due to a failed radiator cap which was not allowing excess vapor or steam back into the reservoir i.e. my radiator could not breath. So give your radiator cap a good wash today and you can save a lot on replacing your radiator.

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    Same as others..radiator has a small leak. All is still running fine. Replace plastic radiator at DEALERSHIP!! Next thing you know the engine overheats and water runs out. We get it back to the DEALERSHIP! They replace the thermostat. It is bad they say. Then it overheats again and my wife has to call the DEALERSHIP! who sends out a tow truck and provides us a rental car. Now the issue is a defective radiator they say. I think the old thermostat and the new plastic radiator were the problem. Why didn't they really check the thermostat and radiator? The service rep tech said this is a common problem with the Explorer so if he knew that why didn't he check it out thoroughly. I had a previous Explorer, 1997, that was just great. Yep, they saved weight at my expense and over $1,500 dollars and personal time...glad I wasn't on a trip far away from home. Please pass on to others.

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    I bought a 2006 ford explorer use in 2009 it 2013 and I had to change the thermostat housing a month ago because it was cracked! and leaking some where later I had to change the radiator because it was leaking antifreeze. This is driving me crazy please email if you have same issue hayneschristina@aol.com! FORD VEHICLES ARE GARBAGE YOU ASK ME I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER ONE!

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