Q: Key will not turn OFF? Unable to release the key from the ignition. on 2004 Toyota Tacoma

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The key will not turn to OFF resulting in the key not releasing from the slot. When I shift the trans out of Park and back, it will occasionally allow the key to turn. Is this a Trans or ignition problem?
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I hope you figured out that it was a linkage or interlock problem before you called the locksmith. Tell me if I'm WRONG!!!.......... IF THE PCM DOES NOT ACTUALLY SEE THE GEAR SELECTOR IN 'PARK' IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO LET YOU TAKE THE KEY OUT >>>>>>>>>>>>>SAFETY ISSUE!!!!!!!!!!Your gear selector switch or lever is out of adjustmentfaulty , or in some cases it may be a faulty PCM/signal/pin connection problem
No locksmith. On Toyota there are 3 ECI units for controlling the ignition. I replaced the one on the transmission and have not had any issues
Gad to here that , thanks for your reply. Did you get to that on your own or was either of our suggestions a help? that would be good for us to know for future questions like that. Thanks again.