Issues with gears shifting hard into second and third on 2003 Honda Accord

My 2003 accord revs the rpms to 2500, as if the car is in nuetral and shift hard into 2 and 3 gears. dealer says it is not the trasmission, help.

by in Oviedo, FL on January 29, 2009
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ANSWER by , November 23, 2010
you should check the fluid level and make adjustment. use honda automatic fluid. make sure your valves clearence are within spec. having misadjusted valves cause the car to shift early or late. its a complecated problem to answer now. sorry. but these conditions cause hard shifting. and, NO on the torque conv. causing it to shift hard. its either ON or OFF, TQ convert will cause a car to stall coming to a stop. TQ is used to help the car save gas during a long drive, thats what it is used for on auto tranny.
ANSWER by , January 29, 2009
I found this on Common Problems Page, Maybe consult a different Honda dealer about this TSB Bulletin Drive Train: POWER TRAIN:AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION:CONTROL MODULE (TCM, PCM) Service Bulletin Number: 3070 NHTSA Number: 10004788 Model Years Affected: 2003 Date of Bulletin: 01/2004 Bulletin Summary: POWERTRAIN CONTROL MODULE (PCM) UPDATE WITH AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION REPLACEMENT.
ANSWER by , January 29, 2009
That bulletin is related to updating the PCM after replacing the transmission. There are some sensors and solenoids that influence how the car shifts, or how it feels during a shift. Do you have any warning lights illuminated?
COMMENT by , January 29, 2009
Thank you both for your answers. There are no indicator lights, and the dealer checked the transmission and no codes came up. they also said the drove the vehicle after checking the transmission and adding a half quart of transmission fluid. I do not believe them! Could this have anything to do with the torque converter since it seems to happen when I am accelerating? What about the alternator?
COMMENT by , January 29, 2009
Could the dealer replicate the problem? Are you're saying it has resurfaced since getting the car back? Does this only happen after driving a certain amount of miles? Does it happen all the time or only maybe on the first drive in the morning? Is the engine warmed up, cold, does it matter? Have you called the dealer back, or called another dealer? I'm afraid I don't know if this is torque converter related. I know many Chrysler vans can experience a shudder between 35-45 mph due to torque converter clutch lock-up problems but I don't know about Honda's. Hopefully someone else can give some input too bucking or surging on acceleration can also be ignition related
ANSWER by , February 06, 2009
My mother has a 2004 accord ex and it did the same thing. They did not believe her until it was soo bad that the trani did that the whole time. They ended up rebuilding her trani. I would take it to another Honda dealership. Good luck
ANSWER by , January 30, 2009
It's always difficult to diagnose these types of issues without the vehicle present. I have experienced this year and model issue before where the transmission will shift into a lower gear for no reason. It did take some time to duplicate the problem though. When this happened the RPM's went up and the transmission had a harsh shift as you explain. In my case the vehicle needed a transmission replacement. My question to you is if this issue is consistant, or happens only once in a while? If the dealer cannot duplicate the complaint I can see how they would not want to sell you an expensive transmission when they have no proof that there is an issue. My suggestion is to try to pin point when the vehicle acts up and note all the details (RPM, engine temp, outside temp, vehicle speed, throttle position) and if possible duplicate it for the technician. This would be a great help in the diagnosis of the problem. Once the technician can duplicate the problem the vehicle can be diagnosed properly and you can get your vehicle repaired.
ANSWER by , August 17, 2012
Three simple questions.....What is the milage on vehicle? How often was trans fluid serviced(drain & fill only - with ONLY Honda fluid) and have you ever noticed the 'D' light flashing when the problem occurs? --- Sorry--fourth consistent is the shift issue ? every time under SAME conditions?This response is for people like me.........two years late. never mind.