Q: I just purchased a used car and I must get to vegas. on 2001 Kia Rio

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The car has 120,000 miles on it and I need to know how I would prepare for the drive and if the car will even make it all the way to vegas from richmond va. I guess it's a tune up that I need, but to be sure that it makes it there, I need to know all that I may need.
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take it in for a veh insp and have the whole car ck'd incl timing belt. if the timing belt and water pump have been repl at 60k as per the sch maint you are due again. very inportant due to if it goes out you WILL bend your cyl haed valves.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ BIG BUCKS AND TROUBLE
I have seen brand new vehicles break down with less then 10 miles on the odometer. there is no way anyone can tell you your going to make it there. this is what you should do, don't drive it, get a rental vehicle, its smarter, especially on long trips, if you break down, there is a phone number for you to call if something happens, the rental car companies that I am familar with, they give you another vehicle and take that one, if anything happens. so you get to enjoy your vacation without waiting on any repair. get a rental vehicle.
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wow 1000.00 is kind on the low side i had one actually break valves off and stick in piston cost of repair 3200.00
the kia rio has a tendency of snapping timing belts and bending valves.. just replaced an entire cylinder head this week to the tune of $1000.. be sure to have someone check it before you take that car on an extended drive
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