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Q: I have a 2004 Envoy XUV. I have a tailgate window problem again. The window will on 2004 GMC Envoy

I found the tailgate window down about 4 inches and a error on my DIC display. Apparently the computer has lost the position of the tailgate window. The window must have come down on its' own as it was closed when I last used the vehicle. I can get the window to go down but it will not go up at all so I cannot do the procedure the manual says to do. The tailgate also will not open. How should I go about troubleshooting this problem. When I bought this vehicle I had to have the complete tailgate regulator replaced and modules as well. I am not sure how to proceed. Can anyone help me??
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You will have to have the roof and tailgate module positions re-learned with a GM Tech II scanner. They go out of sync and need to be re-flashed.
No, any good mechanic with a REAL scanner can help you out. Sounds more like a window motor problem since it will not go up at all.
I will call around tomorrow and see what garage can do this. I have to watch my expenses as I am retired and disabled living on S.S. so money is extremely tight. I had everything inside the tailgate replaced about 5 years ago at the local dealership garage. It seems this vehicles weakness seems to be the windows as I had to do the very same thing to the mid gate window as well. the mo0tor seems to be getting power in both directions. It just won't got up and I have no idea how it lowered itself that 4 inches. Thanks for the help. If I can get the tailgate to open then maybe I can do some work on it. I have the complete shop manual for this vehicle and it a three volume set but being a retired mechanic I have always had these manuals with every car I owned. Anyway thanks for the help I know nothing of these new computer type cars as I retired in 1989 and no longer have the tools or the energy to get into all this. I do my own work but this is out of my expertise. looks like I will have to sit down and read the manual. Thanks again for your help and time.
Try this, get in vehicle, turn key on and headlights on high beam to help load the battery, engine off! With dome light on, try to raise the rear glass while looking VERY close at the dome light, does it dim just a very little bit? Try it again and again does it dim any? Now try to lower or raise another window, any one of them, while watching the dome light, see it dim now? It should be the same every time a switch is activated if the circuit being tested is active and closing (working). If that light DON'T dim when trying to raise the back glass then there is an open circuit to that window motor. If it DOES dim , just a tiny bit and the window doesn't raise, the motor or regulator is your problem! Make sense? Be sure to watch the dome light closely as the change is very slight and subtile, in fact sometimes it helps not to look directly at the dome light but kinda to the side so you catch the change with the corner of your eye! Try it, cause it workes for me every time!!! Almost like a built in test light! If you were not a mechanic, i would not have even responded. Would have been moot to do so for the average diy person! Hope this helps a little, good luck with it!
Thank you for the tip. Yes I was a mechanic for over 25 years until a over tighten bolt on a water pump in a truck did in my back. My career was over that day. I will try this tip tonight. One thing I forgot to mention is I can hear the tailgate window motor engage. The problem is the window just doesn't move up. If in fact I do have a bad motor do you have a suggestion on how I can get the tailgate to open as it seems I have no power to the switches which control the door locks. I sure cannot do anything in the way of a repair until I can get the tailgate to open to give me access. As I stated I had the regulator and motor and all modules replaced about seven (7) years ago and in all that time have not had the tailgate window all the way down except for many just a few times as I use it as a door to gain access to the back of this vehicle. I am still very puzzled as to how the window opened itself that 4 inches. Anyway I will try your tip however I don't think I have an open circuit. Thanks again for your time and suggestion. It looks like I will eventually end up at some garage to repair this problem. I just no longer have all the tools I once had. While I was in the hospital under going back surgery $4,000 of my snap-on tools were stolen from my locked toolbox at work. Yes I was very upset as would any mechanic I know would be. Anyway you take care and I will try my best to tackle this problem with what I have at hand.
Hello i am having the same problem with my vehicle where you able to get the midgate door to open to prop open the window if so how did you get it to open or did you have to take the screws out from the inside of the back of the bed to prop up the window with your 2x4
Hey I was just wondering if you got your window fixed because I am having the exact same problem my window came down by itself a little and now it wont go up. After messing with it its now all the way down inside the tailgate. I can not open the tailgate either. If you got it fixed what did you have to do? Also around what was the amount just so I know if I am getting over charged or if its close to what you paid.
No I haven't fixed my tail gate window as I found out I need another window regulator and motor to repair the problem. The estomate at the dealer was $1200.00. I found out this is a engineering problem with Envoy's. I have spent over $5,000 on windw problems since owning this SUV. I plan to get rid of the vehicleas soonas I have the loan I have on it paid off. It seems the cable that raises and lowers the window has a habit of breaking so much in fact the dealers cannot keep the parts in stock. Just do a search on the web and you will see what I am saying is true. I have the tailgate window on my SUV blocked in the up position using a piece of wood. While doing this I found the broken cableto the regulator after I had pulled the panel. This just plain sucks as I have had no problems with any other part of this vehicle. Wish you luck.
You will only be able to have it swing open from the manual releases inside the gate. There is no manual release to drop the gate down. The window should be down or partially down so you don't shatter it. So, take the panel off the rear gate and brain box metal panel, while inside the bed, reach inside the gate to locate two very small levers (one on top latch, one on the bottom latch) on the right side of the will need to 'release' them at the same time and then push it open with a free shoulder, foot, leg..use caution because of sharp metal etc. Hope that helps.
I replaced the regulator but now the rear lift gate will not open or the roof will not open what can I do to fix it? I too am on dis-ability
following this post as I have both mid-gate window and tailgate window down. Unable to open tailgate.
If the window is going up and down your problem is more than likely with the little switches you depress to open the tailgate. Do you hear any noise when you depress either one of them? I sprayed a good contact cleaner with the small extension tube on mine and it solved the issue
having same issue with tailgate window opens but the tail gate will not swing open or fold open. I am ordering from Ebay the:
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Well, I removed panels from the inside of the rear gate/door. The cables were all wound up, unspooled. Things have come loose from where they're supposed to be. Anyone have a diagram for how that whole pulley/cable system is supposed to look? For now I just held the window up with a piece of wood.
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