Q: I am throwing a p0113 code indicating a high side AIT circuit problem. on 2006 Pontiac G6

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how much is this repair going to cost. I am assuming that it is either the MAF sensor or faulty wiring into the AIT harness. The check engine light is on and it is also causing the traction control light to come on intermittently.
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The P0113 sets when the voltage that the PCM sees on the IAT circuit is 5v or higher, which is usually an open circuit. If you unplug the MAF and you are watching the IAT on a scan tool the temperature will change to -40. What you have to do is back probe that wire in the MAF connector and measure that reference voltage, it should be 5v (5.1v is OK) but it should not be higher. When you plug the connector back in the voltage should drop and the scan tool then display the ambient temperature. There have been a number of these that have bad terminals in the harness connector for the MAF sensor and while an open can occur in that sensor inside the MAF that is rare. You can take an ohm-meter and measure the resistance between pins "D" and "E" with the connector unplugged and compare what you measure to a chart in service information. The last possibility is the PCM sending out an incorrect reference voltage. I've had several of these sending out 7.5v to 9v on that circuit and that results in the same trouble code. If you have this condition it will need a new (rebuilt) PCM.
The code is for the "Air Temperature Sensor", and it means that it is sending to high a temperature to the computer. You just probably need to install a new air temperature sensor. On GM care they are usually located in the air tube between the engine and air filter assembly, or could be in the air filter assembly. I recommend using Original Equipment Sensors, as I have had problems with aftermarket sensors failing in a very short time, line less then a week. I would guess the sensor would be in the $20 to $30 range.