Q: How to turn off the GM Passlock anti-theft system on a Hummer H3? on 2009 Hummer H3

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As other have written, almost everyday the security light flashes and the engine on my H3 starts and dies, after I wait ten minutes the engine starts. Thus, I would like to turn of this security system. Is this possible?
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seek a sacnning of security codes and post so we can adv. you can't dsc since it intergrated with other modules
Where can I find the security codes mentioned in your message?
Since Im having this problem all the time, I rather disconnect other modules than stay like this. Do you know how can I disconnect it?
Hello All,

I believe I figured out a free & less than 10 minute workaround for the Passlock interlock problem plaguing my Hummer. I noticed that when I park the truck and remove the key that the stereo and a/c fan still run "TILL I OPEN THE DOOR!!" I figured that the drivers side door switch not only turns the inside lights on but shuts the 2 mentioned devices off. If that door switch controls these features I figured it also notifies the computer that the driver has exited the vehicle thus resetting the parameters for the alarm system thus going into protect mode. The switch in question is a fail close switch meaning when the door is opened it completes a circuit. Simply use a torx wrench and remove the drivers door switch and unplug. Replace the unplugged switch back into the hole and you are good to go. My Hummer has been starting ever since.

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