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Q: How to install right rear wheel speed sensor? on 2009 Toyota Venza

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I have an 2009 Toyota Venza and the following lights are on ABS, AWD, Traction Control also the VSC lights on, i brought the car to a dealer and they said its the Right Back Wheel Speed Sensor which needs to be replaced, now i was wondering if i could replace it by myself because if they will repair it it'll cost me around $500.00. If i replace it does the computer need to be reseted? or is it just take the old one out and put the new one in and thats it?
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I THINK it is replaced as a hub/bearing assembly, so if this is the case dealer price aint bad!
Check with parts people to see. Plus if dealer installed you dont have to worry about other stuff.
I found the part on a website for $130.00 and the dealer wants $394.00 for the part only. I looked at the part and its like a 30 min job its just put on there with 1 screw. Im just not sure if the computer will need a reset, and im driving it at the moment could it damage anything? the car has 86,000 KM
Not going to hurt anything, be careful buying cheap parts that you find online! It is not labor intensive but you dont want to have to do it but one time. In any case computer should reset itself with proper new part installed if not remove neg. batt. cable for about one min.
i got it from this website:
it looks like a trust worthy website.
I checked NAPA first thing before i answered and all they showed was the hub/bearing and sensor assem. I have not replaced one yet.
Pays to check around!!
Ye, ill let you know how everything goes, i hope it fixes the problem.

I replaced the part and it works great, saved myself around $400.00
Hi Markus88, would you please share if the change of your rear wheel sensor fix the ABS&VSC lighting? Also if you can share a little how you managed to change the sensor part. I need to change the left speed rear sensor and I'm planning to do it myself if not too difficult. thank you.
It did solve my problem and only costed me $180. Its really simple to replace it, If i remember right i think you only have to take the plastic off around the door. Should be around 20 min job.
Hey Markus88 I have the same proble. The left rear speed sensor need to be replace. What web site did you use? How did you reset the lights? Pease help, I am trying to save some $$$$$.
Thank you
I used this webiste
And i didnt have to reset my lights so you should be fine by just replacing it and the lights should go off
Hi, I am new on the forum. I have the same issue. I also have an actron diagnostic tool that is unable to tell which sensor. How do I start ? Would appreciate your prompt response
Markus88 could you share what the process of changing sensor was? I've ordered the part! Right Rear Wheel
Markus, I know you did the repair on the Venza ABS REAR SENSOR-could you could a little more detail on what has to be removed to access inside connector.I have a 2010 Venza with same problem,as yourself I want to replace my self.Dapper44
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