Q: How to change a brake switch? on 2000 Chevrolet S10

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Break lights do not work. I have checked all fuses, and changed any bulb that appeared defective,don't know what else to look for except brake switch.
(1) Answer
With brake pedal pushed, brake light switch should have power to each wire terminal, IF NO FUSES AER BLOWN!! IF voltage IS present on each wire, at the switch with pedal pushed, your signal light switch is now the most likely suspect as the brake light circuit passes through this before going to the rear lights! Even though the signal lights work just fine, that part of the switch is defective. It is called the multifunction switch and is not a DIY fix, unless you are car savvy and equiped to do this. The wires and bulbs should be good IF the signals work, same wire and bulb for both brake and signal! Check the brake light switch first. May need some hands on help.