Q: How do you change the Cabin air filter. Where is it located on 2005 Kia Amanti

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How do you get to the cabin air filter on the 2005 KIA Amanti?
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Within the Amanti Owner’s Manual (Section 7, page 31):
1. Open the Glove Box, part way, reach inside and pull out the elastic line and push the retaining clip through the hold in the rear of the glove box.
2. With the glove box open, grasp both side of the glove box (back part), push inward until the stoppers and pull them over the trim panel to allow the glove box hang freely on the hinges.
3. Pull the hooks under the air conditioner air filter cover upwards and remove the cover.
4. Replace the air conditioner filter.
5. Reassemble in the opposite direction.
** Notice: When replacing the air conditioner air filter install it according to the up and down identification marks on the filter. Otherwise, the system may produce noise and the effectiveness of the filter may be reduced.
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