Q: how do I fix my dash board odometer on 2001 Ford F-150

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My digital odometer display in the dash board keeps intermittently goes on and off ? all other dash board meters , lights are working fine, some times the odometer display will stay on for awhile while I am driving but eventually it will go
dark ? when I do the ignition on with out start, the odometer some times turns on together with all other dash board lights/gauges , but not all the time ?? what could wrong
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i know you posted this a long time ago,but i just saw it.i can tell you how to fix the odometer blackout problem,before you beat the crap out of your dash.unless you already fixed.let me know.
I am another guy with same problem. Odometer cuts out at times. 2003 f150. Today i tried shifting from d into p and dashboard started clicking like a short. I put it in park and it went crazy and tried to go into gear. Shut it off. It will start but wild clicking comes back. I have seen water on driver floor after it rains.
you have 2 different problems.either your windshield is leaking around seal,common on these fords,have to reseal it.or water is leaking down thru where wiper arm shaft is leaking on the GEM module and if you take the cover off around the bottom and around steering wheel.look around fuse box and behind the fuse box,this is where the GEM module is.look for rust,and it will be may get lucky,and not have to replace the module,if its not fried already.but most likely need to find the leak and fix it,or it will happen again.the odometer blackout is a different problem.copy and paste this link,watch video.2002 F-150 GEM module - YouTube