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Q: how can a a/c compressor fail at 38600 miles on 2009 spectra? on 2009 Kia Spectra

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KIA dealer wants $1160 to replace; I said part must be defective and he said call KIA customer service, which I did and they said "things happen". I am furious because
compressors are suppossed to last a long time; like 80000
or so miles.
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Original owner? No history of prior service to A/C system? MAYBE get a second opinion (read that as 'diagnosis) at an independent shop with known good references.
did you purchase car new, do you know for a fact that the ac system never had meddling diy fingers in it or had been non professionally serviced? things do break unfortunately this doesn't seem to have as long as a life as it should but unless you had extended warranty on 5 year old vehicle the manufactures warranty will probably be lapsed.
thanks for replying. yes I did buy car new in 2008 and no one ever fiddled with the ac area of my car.
I also didn't buy an extended warranty so I guess I'm screwed. What causes a compressor to fail???
the guy at KIA didn't seem to know???
unfortunately the time and miles are way early for a acceptable failure. did they happen to elaborate on to why they thought it was the compressor is the compressor leaking letting refrigerant past seals/through housing? or did the clutch assy have an electrical fault not engaging (turning on) or did compressor have a catastrophic failure. i would agree with ziptie12 and get a second opinion from a reputable shop. if the compressor had a catastrophic failure (internal damage) make sure who ever replaces compressor flushes system replaces components that cannot be cleaned of debris and uses correct refrigerant oil and refrigerant. if they do not it will fail in the near future again because of the contamination in system. if it was just because of leakage or electrical malfunction then who ever replaces it(compressor) should get by with measuring proper refrigerant oil level, replacing drier/accumulator, evacuate and charge system. that 1000.00 quote is high unless it had a catastrophic failure then if they do it properly thats in the ball park. if no one has messed with ac system and hadn't topped it off with a lot of the junk that they sell for ac fixes, never had wrong refrigerant, sealer installed, has never lost its refrigerant/refrigerant oil? it's not a common thing for the big failure, early but just one of them things if seals are leaking same way if a clutch failed electrically. whomever you get to fix it make sure they give you a warranty for their repair in writting. hopefully you can use this site to find a qualified shop in your area that is competent and honest.
thanks for your reply.i am going in tomorrow to KIA and i am bringing your reply with me. I'll let you
know. thanks again...
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