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Q: Hi friend my question is how to increase the idle running of Toyota corolla 1.8 on 2008 Toyota Corolla

Toyota 2008 and how to increase the idle running and what type of tools do I need to do that.Can autocom diagnosis tools do that or what type of tools can I use to increase the RPM on idle. Thanks for your rapid response.
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@ first before you do anything how was it running before you suggest that, there are many faults that leads you to think your idling is to low, if your car is overdue service it can do the same so go to your machanic before you do anything and tell him the history its easy that way.
thanks for your reply , back to your suggestion the car vibration when i load it on drive and AC the RPM meter is always just a little above zero level but it wasnt too low like this before, i am also an automotive person work and servicing vehicle too.please tell me how to race it up to get close to 1 RPM i know that if got to 1 RPM might be too high i know, please need your help. Thanks
Do you have a scanner to check TPS reading? Possibly just need TB cleaning and re-learn idle.Check also for internal vacuum leak , like egr fault.
yes i got scanner , pls what is TB so that that ,i can clean it ,and what is egr fault .thanks, reply me
IF you have to ask ,seriously , YOU ARE GOING TO DO MORE HARM , THAN GOOD FOR YOUR CAR.......good luck.
Hello I have the same problem as me in a corolla 2006 rpm rather low at 500 570 and a vibration unbearable without the air on either vibration is uncomfortable, and the air a little less but almost equal, made ​​all spent a lot money and nothing all the same, to step on the brake the rpm drop too much and vibrates

* change pcv
* cleaning body acceleration
* change maf sensor
* change ecu recall
* Multiple board change orange
* change spark new denser improved about the same day
* oem air filter change
* scanning of code and no code only long fuel trim at idle I see -23% higher

* reset the computer by disconnecting the negative few days well and returned to the same thing so I think it is a sensor problem

* Vacuum leak check and nothing so good

It all started after a battery change and now the 300 mile journey realern the ecu and nothing all the same

and used the toyota Techstream and you can change up the mail because it regulates god toyota ecu please do something we are many people with this problem are disenchanted with their brand .
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