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Q: Help! Steering Column Electrical Harness maybe shorted due to tilt. on 2004 Chevrolet Malibu

I have a 2004 Chevy Malibu 3.5L V6. If the steering wheel is not tilted in the correct position all the idiot lights will flash, the spedo and all gauges will become eratic, if I have the cruise on it will turn off. If I move it to just the right position the gauges will return to normal, but the theft detection light and airbag light will remain, and sometimes the check engine light as well, but my cruise control will remain non functional until I restart the car. Sometimes when it happens going down the highway I will shift into neutral, and restart the car, shift into drive and for the most part things will return to normal as long as the steering wheel is at the correct tilt but the above idiot lights will remain lit and the cruise will no longer function. I am thinking I will end up tearing into the steering column and find a pinched wire in the harness. Just looking for some info before I get in too deep.
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I was actually planning on taping some kitchen knives to it for fun in case it went off. Thanks Ziptie.
Actually I think you're headed in the right direction , I just want you to be safe , don't know your experience level. (use dull knives just in case!)
After you get the trim off and can get to the connectors easier , start with continuity tests on the clockspring harness (unplugged from airbag at this point),unless you see something else easily visible. Don't repair , if it is part of clockspring , just replace..................and is 'trolling' the same as 'making useless smartass remarks' to see if the person posting will actually reply? If so , then yeah , sorry , I guess I was.............but eventually you'll understand.
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