Q: Heat blower keeps going off on 1990 Chevrolet Corsica

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I don't have a lot of money so buying a part I don't need is something I would like to avoid! My blower seems to stop working everytime I turn off the car, but if I lift the hood up and tap on it, it will kick in. I noticed too that if I don't tap it, eventually through my ride it will come on. It will start off real light at first then kick in. I don't want to buy a new blower if it is a wiring issue, please help!! Thank you
(2) Answers
You'll need to check the power and ground signals to the motor when it's not working, if it has both, then the motor is bad. Try wiggling the connector at the motor and see if that makes the motor come on, it may also be a bad connection at the motor.
Try cleaning the plug terminals with a rag to see if its a connection problem and if that doesn't work the motor will have to be replaced, 2 different motors available from $30 to $69 at the parts store