Q: Have no heat and am out of ideas. on 2001 Lincoln Navigator

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Have flushed the radiator and the heater core, have cut open the dash to view the blend door and it is working, have replaced thermostat twice with different heat range stats and have changed water pump. I still have NO heat. Any other ideas?
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With engine at operating temp. are both heater hoses hot enough to burn your hand if you held on to them for 10 seconds?
Or is just one hot? Bet your heater core is still restricted!! All i see here is blend door over and over but the truth is the hot coolant is not going through the heater core,or not enough volume of hot coolant!!! The "blend door"may stick closed but not this time.
Best FIX is to replace core but try air + water hose, search youtube!
195° stat!
fords are bad for the blend door breaking I would recheck it to make sure its operating properly