Q: has any one had a problem with headlight lamps going out in 2011 dodge chargers? on 2011 Dodge Charger

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I have a 2011 dodge charger, I had a drivers side head lamp go out the 1st of the year. I change both head lamps out now as of today the 18th of july the driver side head lamp went out again! due they go out that quick or may be a connecter problem? any help
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well I was told it was from the local auto parts supply. I toke it in yesterday the bulb was good but the connector was bad again they changed it out . so we will see how long it last. my question to service guy was the connector getting to much power. thanks for the reply!
Have same exact issue. Had it checked out and the bulb was fine it was the socket that was the issue, It was completly fried. The guy adviced to get a heavy duty socket so it won't happen again.
Well, sounds like I have same problem. The bulb was good but connector was bad it is still Good now so thx for the replywe will
there is a problem with low beam harness connector. there has been a recall on the 2011 police chargers but dodge is refusing to fix the others.
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