Q: Hard starting when warm on 1992 Jeep Comanche

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My 92 commanche is very hard to start whem warm, went thru check out in manual. Checked pick-up sensor, tps, cps, map, O2 sensors, checked gas pressure and bleed down and still the engine floods when I try to restart it. I check for fault codes, none found. Spark is good at dist. cap and at plugs. Truck has new timing chain and ran good for months until this happened, I'm stumpted!
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It is very possible that your have leaking injectors. If you can isolate the cylinder that is running rich by inspecting the spark plugs, you may save on replacing all the injectors. One last note. Check The Engine coolant sensor and make sure it is reading the correct temp. If a coolant temp sensor is showing the engine is cold, when it is indeed at operating temp, the fuel injection programming will "think" the engine is cold, thus enriching the fuel mixture.
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