Q: Had diagnostics show throttle wide open, Changed TPS on engine still won't run on 2005 Ford Expedition

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trying to locate an accelerator pedal sensor with no luck, not real sure this will be the answer either. Originally started up and ran for 2 minutes, then died; acted as if the fuel pump had gone out. Changed pump and filter, now TPS on throttle body and still nothing. What's next to look at after accelerator pedal sensor?
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Have 10 codes; Both camshaft position actuators, bank 1 &2 circuit malfunction; Turbo/sup wastegate control circuit high; O2 sensorheater circuit malfunction (bank 2 sensor2); Fuel rail pressure sensor CKT range/perf; EVAP emission controlsystem purge valve C fault; EVAP vent circuit malfunction; Torque converter circuit electrical; Shift solenoid B malfunction; Pressure control solenoid A control circuit low. Does this sound like the PCM or ECM unit is gone to pot?
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no your getting info thats good. is the battery ibn good shape and alos alt? i think futher diag needs to be done on each circuit to determne issues
New battery and Alternator is putting out good power. Vehicle will run on starting fluid, but can't get any power to fuel pump. Wiring all tests ok. System acts like PCM is Shot.?!?!?!
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