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Q: front engine seal replacement? spark plug firing sensor? dont know whats wrong? on 2001 Lexus IS300

driving around town this week the engine started running rough when at stoplights and idling. It was fine when driving and accelerating then yesterday when I got a stop light it felt like the engine wanted to die and suddenly the check engine light came on. I had thought I needed to get spark plugs replaced but I had the code read and the guy told me it was maybe the front engine seal leaking because there's oil all over the timing belt and maybe getting on the spark plugs causing misfires. Or maybe its some kind of spark plug sensor... I don't know... Has anyone had problems like this before? Please help..... My husband and I are worried this is going to cost a lot of money...Also the air conditioner has been giving me a few problems....I dont want to but maybe its time to trade it in for another car... :(
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What is happening is there is a seal in front of your engine that is almost twelve years old and has sprung a leak...It is now leaking all over your timing belt and cam and crank sensor causing a misfire...What needs to be done is a maintenance issue...have your timing belt, water pump and seals replaced along with your tensioner and pulley(s). The air conditioning can wait a few more months.
I had the timing belt replaced at 90,000 now my car is at 132K... is this leak the same thing as the head gasket? and also what do the tensioner and pulley do? about how much do you think i'm looking at spending?
The Timing Belt needs replacement due to oil contamination. This is due to neglecting to replace the seals at the same interval as the timing belt. No, it is not the same as a Head Gasket. Nevertheless, it should not cost much more to redo the job again since the only additional work is the seals. The tensioner keeps the tension on the timing belt and the pulleys guide the timing belt along its route.
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