Q: estimate price to replace the spark plugs AND wires on 2000 Pontiac Grand Am

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Was given an estimate of $600 for replacing spark plugs and the wires, plus a possible additional $200 for module replacement. My daughter's car has 132,000 miles on it and she just graduated collge. A $600-800 bill may not be worth repairing the car. the car was misfiring prior to taking it to the shop. What is estimate for wire replacement? Must it be done?
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4 CYLINDER is all the info I have. The car was misfiring and backfiring.The shop said she has 2 dead coils and needs new spark plugs.She COULD have a broken control module but they would not know that until they replace the spark plugs and coils. WITHOUT replacing the control module, it is $612 +Tax. WITH the control module replacement, add another $232.
Globalhelper is correct! even Quad4 engines weren't that pricey(although definitely different!) Get references from friends for other shops and get another diagnosis and estimate.
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