Q: Engine stalls occasionally at idle when in gear, otherwise runs perfect. Vacuum? on 1990 Cadillac Fleetwood

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Doesn't always stall and when it does it is sudden, with no warning. I notice the automatic parking brake release does not work, which makes me suspect a vacuum leak either with that actuator or elsewhere. Could that cause the sporadic stalling?
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most of the time a vac leak will cause high idle on fuel inj car but it could if its effecting multi. sensors like map sensor or other fuel related sensors
Thanks for the response. Idle seems a little high and cruise loses a little speed going up a hill. Also the "Service Engine Soon" light came on today. Stopped by AutoZone to read the codes but found none. Light was off when engine was restarted. Since it has been driven less than 1000 miles in the past year, I sprayed some injector/carb cleaner into the throttle body (TBI fuel system) and will take it on a more extensive drive later.
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