Q: Does low oil pressure cause the truck to shut down on 2003 Lincoln Navigator

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I was riding down the interstate and the truck starting cutting back then stopped. The low oil pressure light came on. The oil is very low. Can I add oil and restart the truck
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Not saying that your not right about the shutting off oil thing, But unfortunately thats most likely not your problem. Your truck will occasionally start shutting off you might think is low oil, possibly the gas your using, etc. Whats probably causing the issue is your secondary fuel fuse. The one located deep into your dash.... This is known to fail causing your truck to turn off while your driving at whatever speed. Once that one fuse goes you have to replace the entire board. By default some of those sensor lights turn on when this happens but that fuse is most likely your problem. I recommend not buying any of these part used since you might get stuck with one that had been in the early stage of this issue. Once it burns out completely the truck will barely turn on.