Q: Data link connector not working. Scanner says tool not plugged up! on 1999 Dodge Durango

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i cant past inspections because my data port connector wont connect to the computer!! please help i got a ticket and have to get it fixed befor court date!
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I just had an '02 civic that had the same issue ...Not the connector or the fuse(s),the PCM had failed. Might be less expensive to have it diagnosed or get the proper info to test the circuits yourself with a good multi-meter not a test light.
Check the fuses. You most likely have a blown fuse. Several manufacturers use the lighter fuse as power for the DLC.
i already did that i think my plug might be broken so i went and got one from the junk yard we will see tomorrow if it reads anything will just take it to advance auto and see if they get anything from it will check back later thanks though.
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