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Q: Dash Clicking on 2004 Toyota Sienna

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I am having a problem with a loud clicking/grinding noise in the dash (mostly in the middle and passenger side). I think it is related to the AC/heat. Anyone else experienced this?
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I have a similar noise and it has been there since my 2005 Sienna was about 2 years old. It is NOT affected by whether the blower motor is on or off. It is also coming from the centerline of the car and sound like it is coming from somwhere below that center black speaker grill on top of dash, or either forward of that where window glass ends. It only starts when I get to about 45-50mph and continues at any speed above that. It is more of a grinding type sound that sounds just like a dry or faulty speedometer cable from old school cars! Any ideas?
It's likely one of the actuator motors that controls the airflow vent in the dash. It will require locating the noisy actuator then determining if the motor or flap is bad. This can involve removal of the dash board on some vehicles.
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did you get an answer to problem I have same thing it sounds like popcorn behind center of car and behind glove box, thanks

IT is an ACORN or leaf or whatever In your cabin fan,, pull out glove box, squeeze both sides it will drop down,, look straight ahead....pull out easy to remove useless cabin air filter and with car OFF reach in and spin the fan blades and you will feel and acorn or whatever at the bottom
OMG why is the OBVIOUS(sic) the place nobody starts!!!!ARGHHHHH If you open your glove compartment door then sqeeze the sides it should drop down to expose a large black blower motor,,, which has your cabin air filter, it is square and you can just slide it out, it will have Leaves, acorns and whatever on it,,,NOW,, with the car OFF put your hand in there and feel and spin it and most likely you will feel and acorn or rock or stick or leaf all kinds of stuff. The way to check this is turn blower off--no noise--turn on ---noise returns! I have seen where car sits in summer or spring and little field mice store their fine cuisine there,,,what a pain!! gottta pull acorns out of there almost weekly
we had a similar problem with a knocking like noise on the passenger side of the van. took it to the toyota dealership and it ended up being an engine mount piece that was cracked.
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