Q: cruise control stopped working on 1997 Subaru Legacy Outback

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This does not seem to be a fuse problem. The cruise control worked perfectly for about 9 or 10 years, then intermittently for a couple of years, then suddenly began working again fine for about a year, and now has quit working altogether. Is this repairable or does it have to be replaced? If repairable is it something a do-it-yourselfer can do? If not, about how much does a repair cost? A replacement? And is a replacement reliable? Thanks!
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There's a possibility of a brake light switch problem. Also, if you drive with your right foot on the gas and your left foot on the brake, don't. I wouldn't think YOU would but you'd be surprised how many people do and cause themselves problems with cruise and other things.
That's the simple stuff, it gets more complicated from there. Anything is repairable, if all there was to car repair was replacing parts, I wouldn't have a job. You need to find out what's speciifically wrong before replacing parts. I can't explain cruise control diagnosis to you in a Q&A forum, I'd be better off seeing the car in front of me.
Find a Subie specialist or an auto electric shop to diagnose it for you and then decide whether you want to repair it yourself. Remember, not all problems require parts replacement, some problems need repair, but all problems need diagnosis first. That's why there are experts to serve you.
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