Q: Coolant Sensor bad message on computer display. Need help!
on 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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I have changer the coolant level sensor that goes inside the recovery canister and the problem persists.
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Try this, unhook connector to the coolant LEVEL sensor does light go out?
If not jumper the terminals with a say bent paper clip does light go out?
If either makes light turn off the sensor is defective. If neither puts out the light there is a short in the wires.
It is just a switch either on or off!
The coolant sensor is not in the coolant canister. What is the trouble code? What is the problem?
There is no trouble code related to this problem the only trouble code I get when I check the computer is for the catalytic converter. I am getting a message on the display that is right below the air conditioner control panel that says :coolant sensor bad "and it beeps 3 times. This keeps repeating itself over and over.

Thank you for your valuable help
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