Q: code p0401 on 2006 Pontiac G6

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Check engine light keeps returning… This past weekend we changed the EGR valve on our 2006 G6. We had the battery cables off over night to ensure the reset of computer. We drove it next day, drove about 5 miles and check engine light came back on. Had it tested it is giving code P0401. Which when researching code it gives info about EGR valve again. Man at Auto zone suggested a new air filter. We put that on there and reset it again. Check engine light came back on again. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do next?
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You did not say what engine is in your G6. But I will try and help. That code is for a EGR system fault. It does not always mean the EGR valve is bad and your case I doubt that it was bad. Most likely that is if your engine is the 3.5 liter the EGR ports are stopped up or possibly a restricted exhaust system. I think you are going to need to take to shop for proper diagnoses and repairs.
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