Q: "clicking" sounds coming from engine area on 2004 Toyota Sienna

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After my car sat all night (mild temperatures) I drove about 4 miles and had to wait in a parking lot with engine off (but radio on). While I was sitting there, the check engine light came on and I heard clicking noises from the front of the car. I came straight home, stopped the car (keys out of ignition) and the sounds continued for at least 5 minutes. It sounded like they were coming from the driver's side. The sounds are random. I'm assuming it has to be something electrical since it happened when my car was turned off
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Basically, these two things I believe are not related and just an amazing coincidence....the toyota siennas have an annoying little problem with leaves and acorns and such,,, this sounds like a leaf.. getting into the blower for the cabin air,,,if you turn blower off,,,sound will go away--open the glove box, sqeeze the sides and should drop down further,, then with the car OFF remove cabin air filter and reach down inside with your fingers slowly spin the fan and you will find and acorn or leaf or whatever,,,,the check engine light "automatically and conviently comes on at certain intervals (to get you to go to the dealership) for oil changes and such, someone probably changed your oil and did not reset the timer,,,so to reset the light if still on... press and Hold the trip reset and turn the key to the position JUST before the position that turns the van on and all lights will come on,,,you should see 5 or 6 lines on the trip display,,, they start to flash and reduce in number till they all disappear... then your check engine is all set for about 3 to 5 thousand miles or so.. if it keeps coming on, then you may have a problem but, i believe these to be UN related. good luck