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Chrysler Cirrus (15 Reviews)
Bought my cirrus for 500 dollars drove for 1 1\2 years with only having to put tires on it now I think the fuel pump has went out of it haven't decided whether to fix it or just get rid of it. But has been a very dependable car.
i have had a radiator fluid leak under the engine. liquid copper took care of that 10$. the brakes are too lightly built constant problems there. when the wife filled the car all the way full it spilled out through the fuel pump houseing on the tank idk why .i hate having to work on cars i had to buy my own tools because of this car but its still reliable when it wants to be . lol
I went to the garage to put my snow tires and they told me that I have to change the left Tie Rod ( steering system )the sooner I can,because it's not safe to drive like that.This is true?? or they try to have a job ?to replace it it will cost around 260,00 plus tax ( part, plus labor, plus alingement)
I have oil in my # 1 spark plug and don't know why its doing that?
I have had my Cirrus two years and i was my birthday present from my father. It is a great first car for teenagers, but I have had a lot of problems with it. Before I got the car my grandparents had bought it brand new and then they gave it to my father. The interior is black leather so it burns you in the summer and frezes you in the winter, the cd deck gets stuck a lot so there really isnt any point in using it. The heating works great in it but I have had some major issues with my my compresser, and the switch on the dash board broke on me so I had to buy a new one. The breaks are very good on it, same with the lights, suspennsion and steering. The engin has over 220,000 miles on it and it still runs well and I had to replace the battery after 12 years of the same one this year. I have had the small issues with the radiador and one of my tale lights has a bad connection and is dim most days but still works. and the catilytic converter had to be replaced along with my 02 sensers but that was to be expected. but other than the few problems this is a great first car parents just make sure its in good condition still when you buy it.
My 97 Cirrus belonged to my parents originally. They drove it with no problems til they bought a new Chrysler in 04. They gave the 97 to me. I love my car. It has been a great, dependable vehicle until recently. The paint is fading and peeling terribly. The dome lights do on come on when the passenger side door is opened. The check engine light came on..90.00 to be told I need a new gas cap. Two days after I got it out of the shop, it came on again. This time 127.00 to replace a gasket. One week out of the shop the coolant started pouring out the bottom. It is in the shop again. The car has over 200,000 miles on it and I think for being 14 yrs old it has really been a GREAT vehicle. I am getting kinda nervous about all the problems tho. Cant afford a new car but cant really afford to keep repairing. Oh anyway....I think Cirrus is one of the best!!!
i need a picture of where my battery is located so that i can change it
I've had my car for 10 yrs. now. when I open the driver side the interior lights dont turn on. My car is doing the worst of peeling and I have to keep replacing my brakes besides that I am really enjoying my car. It runs great!
what does it mean why your car have a smoke from the engine any way when i turn my A/C on what the problem
I actually havent had many problems with this car at all! My grandparents bought it brand new so I know everything its been through! I just replace the battery this year 12 years is pretty damn good definately on 205000 miles! Yes over 200,000 miles and she runs like a beast only problem i have currently is the air isnt cold anymore and recharging it didnt help :(
I love my car! Had a few problems with her, but hey she IS a 1995 She runs Great! The body is in excellant condition. You just need to remember not to abuse your car.
This car is not a very good car. It has major problems. i will NOT own another chrysler. I had sebring also and it was also stalling and had other issues.
Great car, lots of pep with v6, transmission very strong...nice design both with body chassis drives like sports car.
personally i rather enjoy driving and owning this car.the interior is alright not to shabby the leather is pretty easy to clean and maintain.the brakes on this car seem to go rather quickly though i find i have to change mine more than my other car to keep the braking quality where i find fit.the car runs rather smoothly when you keep up on engine maintenance etc.heating works great,the ac only works well on the highest setting possible otherwise nothing happens when i turn it on.over all the car is a smooth ride,hardly feel bumps and what not.steering aint to bad neither,it doesnt follow the bumps in the road and its pretty easy to handle and drive
Body and Interior poor quality. Brake performance average, Drivetrain dependable, 4 cylinder engine prone to have excessive oil leaks, Heating and Air Conditioning average performance, Suspension and Steering below average, road noise transmitted into passenger compartment.