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Reading through other comments here and I only saw one from several years ago on this issue...
We took our 2004 Pacifica into Firestone today for an alignment to fix the shaking we noticed while driving on the highway before we set off on a scheduled trip coming up next week. We were told that an alignment would be a waste of money due to the amount of rust and corrosion in the frame under the engine. (At first I asked my husband who talked to the mechanic on the phone if he had the right car!) Come to find out that this is a VERY common issue with these cars and expensive to repair. Now what needs to happen here? Does someone need to actually drive these cars until something happens at 60-70 miles an hour before a recall is done and all Pacifica drivers are aware of this issue? Looking online, I can't find a story about someone actually losing their engine while driving, but it just seems like a matter of time.
My son bought this car for me in 2008 w/36000 miles. It now has 58,000 miles. Ever since I've owned it the headlights have had to be replaced every 6months or so. Now when I'm driving at night the headlight have gone on and if I have the low beams go out the brights come on and visa versa. I live in the country and its just black and very scarry when they go out. What could be causing this. I really hate this car. It used to never stsrt. I got very friendly with the AAA people. I owned two Buicks, one for 10 years one for 11yrs. Never had to replace anything and they were both two yr old when I bought them. Did I mention how much I hate this car? My husband died and I cant afford another car.
I have had my Chrysler Pacifica for 9 years ant almost at the 100k mark. Overall I love the space and the way it drives. Has enough space to travel and transport dog. Supposedly it has mercedes parts but compared to most used cars and other pacificas I think I was lucky. I bought new when I graduated. Saved me during recession and payment not too bad. Gets about 20mog and hasnt failed me on the road yet (knock on wood). i agree eith other posts about changing headlights more freequently than any other car. I would say 5 or six times in 9 years, had air condition repair and may have to again no fan but lights up, brakes, and reguar maintenance stuff but to be expected after 9 years. Big fluid and hose work a couple of years ago. overall like its safety rating, latch seating for kids seat, and leg room in middle seat, power outlet off battery, tinted windows, latch on rear door, radio song and artist display, headspace, paint and frame i flexible to stand up to family and nephews ballgames, and the ability to tow boats. Sad they dont make them anymore wish I could upgrade to heated seats and a moonroof :) overall dont feel jaded, lasted longer and drove better than my celica. if it only had wings....
Allow me to first say that I purchased my Chrysler Pacifica off the show floor on October 11, 2008 and I LOVE MY CAR! I have 2 more payments to go before I get the title! On August 10, 2014, I was going to see a movie and, although my car started, I couldn't put the car in reverse because it was stuck in PARK. I had just driven it the day before and it was great, as per usual.
I called a local tow shop and they took the car to Orange Park Chrysler, Jeep dealership. They have had my car for over 2 weeks now and they still don't have the part that they need. I think this is ludicrous and absurd! I have purchased 3 cars from Chrysler and have been very happy with your company. I AM N O T HAPPY, NOW! I am PISSED and ANNOYED! I can't believe that this is happening! I will tell everyone I know and new people I meet NOT to buy a Chrsyler because they don't know they are doing when it comes to PARTS! The service rep. is nice but I get the same SAD story everyday! "No, it's not here and give us three more days!"
I'm sure you couldn't care less about my story, but I DO and I believe you will lose me as a loyal customer, if this is not rectified immediately. This is crazy!
Have had 2006 Touring for a year now. Bought used w/ 110,000 mi on it. Have had to replace a driveshaft. Other than that, this car runs perfect. 1st time buying a used car for over 25 years. AWD is excellent in snow. Probably weight of car us factor as well.

If Chrysler were to introduce this model again, would buy new as well. I've probably owned 20 cars in my life. After a year have been unhappy with many of them, not this one though.

Best dual zone climate control I have ever used. Heated rear seats are nice bonus for this year of car.

3rd row passenger seat is roomy enough to actually use. Can't say enough good things. As far as breakdowns, etc., it is probably the same as most cars, they do need work now and then.

Being this is first used car in quite some time, I did have to shop around for a good mechanic (don't care for dealers). His opinion of car pretty much matches mine as his wife has one as well. Hope this helps....
I purchased my '07 Pacifica used in '11. Only issue in the beginning was the rough start when accelarating after stopping. Transmission jerks, still does and from what I have read this is pretty common in these models. In '12 car started having issues w/cranking. Would have to jump off frequently to start engine. Changed battery yeth this still happens. This year, '13, in June the AC started blowing hot air only. This too is an issue I have seen in other reviews/complaints of this model. We had this fixed for around $600, but now the heater blows cold air until the car has been driven for about 15 minutes. I'm ready to trade cars now. Never had these type problems w/other vehicles I've owned and I've had many vehicles. Most likely won't ever get a Chrysler again.
My 2004 Pacifica Touring had been leased to its previous owner from late 2003 to mid 2006, when I bought it in 2006. It had 32k miles on it. Now 2013, 7 years have passed, the car is almost 10 yrs old, and I have never had to fix it. We do scheduled maintenance, and I only now have 60k miles on it. I have had to replace the battery twice, but I love my pacifica (leather interior, heated seats, awd), and will keep it probably another 10 years. The only reason I would sell it would be to have a larger vehicle, and I can't find one with as nice an interior as the pacifica. All the other cars have such cheap interior and ugly. The pacifica is like a luxury car to me. So safe, comfy....I have no idea what other car I'd ever buy...I hate everything else. We paid about 13k for it. Best buy ever imo. Lousy mileage...14mpg..but best car ever!
I bought this 05 Pacifica 2 yrs ago to help transport my wheelchair bound mother. Other than typical headlight, brakes & rotors....I had to put in a new AWD Transmission which luckily I got for under 2k. what the mechanic also did, is ADD a small separate cooler for the transmission bc apparently the radiator doesn't adequately cool the transmission!!! car now drives better than EVER!!!! He (owner of Euclid Transmissions), said he's noticed the people who added the cooler, never had problems again, the ones who did not, always had future transmission issues. very trustful mechanic & very knowledgable about Chryslers bc they are very popular bc of snowtime in Ohio! He also also pertains to ALL chryslers, not just the Pacifica's!
My daughter bought this SUV in 2009 and had 86,000 miles on it, now it has 180,000 on it. The only problems that she has had with it is brake pads and rotors which is normal and a thermostat stuck on it. But I think it has a broken motor mount now. But actually this has been a pretty good vehicle. Knock on wood she's been lucky compared to others.
I own a 2007 Pacifica Touring. Purchased it with 17,000 miles on it, as it was a rental vehicle. I have 104k on it now. It has leather seats, dual air, rear air, and a nice stereo. I have owned this car for 5 years, and the only problems I have had is the "skreem" module failed at 45k, leaving me stranded in my driveway, and the dreaded shifter link spring that broke at 100k. Also, motor mounts replaced at 45k with the skreem module. Other than those three issues, I have not had any other problems. I get 20mpg in mixed city driving, and 26 on the hwy loaded down with passengers and cargo. Like this vehicle a lot.
Unfortunately, we have most every review beat...
We purchased our '06 Pacifica in late '09 with low miles. We loved the look and the 50/50 rear seats for our growing family of 5 (now 6)
It started with our engine blowing in 2011, that repair cost us a cool 5k. Shortly after that, the A/C went out in the middle of summer where our temps reach up into the 100's. Luckily a family friend fixed that for us but it was still a couple hundred out of pocket. Shortly after that, the motor mount gave out, luckily it was under warranty due to the engine being replaced, but it was scary because it had happened so soon after the repair. When they were replacing said motor mount, our mechanic noticed play on both tie rods, needless to say they were replaced as well...costing us another few hundred dollars. This last month the back hatch won't close properly or stay up when opened (hurts like heck when landing on your head...) and the display screen for our radio is out. Which brings me to today, when our motor mounts broke...again! Two words, MONEY PIT! The other words I have to describe this vehicle all contain 4 letters and may not be appropriate.
My family bought this car for the space. we had to put gas in it the dealership said they would fill it up - they didn't so that was the first thing we tried the gas would not go in very fast you had to hold it with your hand and feed it very slow so i got tired of doing that. we went rite back to the dealership and on the way we started with a half full tank rite before we got there the gas gauge dropped to empty i know that wasn't rite I just put about 30.00 dollars in we had this same problem several times they tell us it was fixed we'd start home same thing we took it back a total of 5 times. they said they has replaced all gas parts front to back gas tank the whole works. THEY SAID you can't believe any one anymore and that sad . we finely gave up and we stop at a half tank or when it drops to E gas up again . you can park on a steep hill and you can get the gas gauge to at least come back to 3/4 tank . it has fuel pump problems and they won't fix it. I HAVEN'T IDEA ON GAS GAUGE OTHER THAN IT HAS TO HAVE A VENT AIR TO FLOW CORRECTLY . BUT IM JUST AN OLD FARMER THAT WORKED ON ALL MY EQUIPMENT FOR YEARS SO WHAT DO I KNOW. THERE ARE MANY MANY OWNERS OF THIS MAKE AND MODEL THAT HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM. AND CHRYSLER WILL NOT DO ANY THING ABOUT THE PROBLEM. I WILL NEVER SUPPORT THEM AGAIN . I'M PERSONALLY A CHEVY MAN AND THAT'S ALL ILL EVER BUY AGAIN .
Best car ever, bought it brand new, right now over 100,000 miles nothing big. Confortable and nice to drive
I own a 2005 Pacifica. All-in-all I like my car. I haven't had too many problems except within 2 years of buying it new (luckily under warranty) my axle actually broke. Barely made it to the dealer for them to fix. I also have the problems of headlights burning out all the time. I also have a drip on my front passenger side, near the window, during heavy rains. I also had an alternator go out a year ago. Also my back hatch does not stay up. I have to have someone hold it up, so I can get anything out of the back hatch or it falls down. Recently I had the check engine light come on and off. My mechanic said it is probably a faulty catalytic-converter sensor. I'm not going to fix it till it stays on for good. I just had the same problem with my ABS light. It came on this morning but went off on when I started the car to go home. I think it might have to do with the very cold weather but I'm not sure.
I love my 2006. I bought it with 36000 and now have 92000. I found this site while searching for answers to my first unnerving issue - having both low beams burn out within two days of each other. Last one was last night at midnight. No solution yet....just hope its not major...hope to enjoy it for many more years.
We bought this car used from a one onwer lease at 48,000. It has been the money pit ever since. We will NEVER EVER buy another Chrysler. The dealership had to replace the fuel pump three times yes, three times - the last time I almost took a hostage as the fuel was flowing from the bottom of my car on a Monday morning as they had repaired it twice. Motor Mounts, tie -rids, and now yes - rocker arms for almost $1,300. ENOUGH - gas mileage is poor at best. If I knew someone that wanted to come steal it I would leave it unlocked with the keys in it. I HATE THIS CAR. DO NOT BUY ON LOOKS ALONE. There is a reason that Chrysler had money problems. NEVER EVER again!!
I love our 2006 Pacifica, the transmission is going but it's had a very hard life.
I hate this car and no one wants it for free. I have put more money into it and paid to much for ir and still owe alot.I hate myself for buying it.
I have a 2006 Pacifica and keep getting shocked when I close the car door. Took it to the machinic and he says some ground wires are rotten and now the main harness is rotten, rusted and needs to be replaced for 2500.00 just for the harness and wants me to call Chrysler. Anyone have info on this.
I recently purchased a used 2004 Chyrsler Pacifica, with 103000 miles on it. When I stop I hear a loud click and a pull, what could that be? Also, when I take the key out of the ignition the interior lights do not stay lite and I CANT lock, nor unlock my doors. Is there a button to reset the interior lights to stay on? PLEASE HELP, I HAVE FOUR CHILDREN AND OF THE FOUR ONE IS A CANCER SURVIVOR I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO ROOM FOR ERROR........
OK first if you looking for a PACIFICA make sure its the 4.0 engine and not 4wd I have own both the 4.0 by far is a better Suv better MPG and also 4wd recoments lots of maitance !!! we have 98k on in still runs like new got new tires brakes and a tire rod for $1200 not bad for a every 3 year maintance very reliable great for the kids with the 3rd sit or put them down for you shoping. 100% happy oh and im a german car guy great job cryler :)
I hate this car! Head lights go out, brakes squeal(mechanic says they're fine, ABS light keeps coming on and going off, Engine or transmission slips (only sometimes), Accelerator sticks on take off (that's always fun, It clunks when I come to a stop (I'm sure that's not normal) But.....The air conditioner works well except if the car doesn't start. hummmmm....And that was my positive comment. Buyers beware, stay away from this piece of garbage!
We got our SUV because it was the lowest one being made then, easy to step in and out and I love the sleek look. Bought it with a couple thousand miles on it and have more than eighty now. Never had any mechanical problems except for the starter not turning once and the dope of a mechanic that I took it to, decided to change the starter without hooking the car up to a computer for diagnosis, when in eventuality, the grounding wire on the starter was loosen. That Dope had me buy a new starter and pay him $300. for repairs too.
Our car is great, runs like a Plane and purrs like a Lion. I have had several cars before but this Pacifica is my most beautiful, luxurious and economically useful one yet.
I bought a slightly used pacifica and the A/C has gone out. The battery has been checked by 3 different professionals and found it to be good. However, every morning when I try to start the car it has trouble. The rest of the day it does fine. If I try to turn on the A/C the motor shuts down???? What's the problem?
a quart oil every 1000 miles, company said this is within standards.
Bought my '07 in '08 as a lease/rental return. With 103K miles on it the only real problems encountered so far was a vacuum line coming undone and the CD changer breaking. The CD changer was covered under the extended warranty that I purchased (thankfully because those suckers are expensive) and the vacuum line was an easy fix that costed more to diagnose at the dealer than it was to fix.
The automatic transmission is a little slow to respond if making a "Hollywood stop" and can throw you back in your seat but this is avoided by not "Hollywood stopping."
Mine doesn't have automatic lights which I thought was kind of dumb since it has almost every other kind of gadget but this is just a slight inconvenience.
We have owned this car four years and love it. 24000 miles when purchaced. 95000 miles now. Six passenger AWD. The most trouble came when the battery ground cable broke where it attaches to the transmission. This caused phantom electrical and starting problems. When the battery was replaced it was too tall and streched the cable causing the failure. We replaced the hazed headlight buckets and installed a custom grill last year, what an improvement for night vision and the car looks newer. Winters have been harsh here and the AWD goes thru anything. My wife feels safe driving this car no matter what the weather.
Bought this car in 09 , have had nothing but problems ever since !! First we had it to dealer 3 times for transmisson ( only had 12,000 miles on it) , third time they put a new tourqe convertor in. Then we had to take it back for the antispin (traction control) which makes a grinding noise and causes the car to slip and slide when going around corners, to be told that is normal !!! Now we have 47,000 miles on it and it is using a quart of oil every 1,000 miles.Dealer says they don't know what is wrong /
I've had my '04 Pacifica for exactly 2 years. I bought it used as a repo car - so I have no known pre-history on this car. After the first few months i had a problem that would happen sometimes while driving: the dash & headlights would go out then coming back on as well as a electrical popping sound from the dashboard. Last winter during our first snow fall here in Utah the heater went out. I had the heating element replace & after that all the other electrical problems went away. It's mainly my wife's car but we use it as our traveling vehicle & I haven't had any real complaints with this car. I have had little things happen; once a couple of months ago the right front door wouldn't shut & latch, after messing with it for about an hour or so it finally shut & has work fine ever since. Right now my front left headlight won't work even after replacing the bulb. These things are small to me. I've had many cars over my adult life & all seem to have their goods & bads (even my Japanese cars). Overall this car fits my family; it's comfortable, quiet & my wife feels safe driving it.