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My dash light is out it is not just the bulb or a fuse issue this is inside of the dash and this is a common issue with Chrysler sebrings if you look up at the other people's opinions and reviews of the vehicle this is a common issue and it is also a safety hazard for driving at night when you cannot see your speedometer this should be recalled immediately but it hasn't been Chrysler doesn't care about their customers safety. Also my heater does not come on it doesn't matter what the temperature gauge says on my car engine the heater will not pump out warm air. The door that switches is not working which is another issue with the dash. I'm not a mechanic but I've had a few things explained to me by one which would give me enough of initiative to look up a few things about Chrysler sebrings and I will never ever buy another Chrysler again. I loved the Chrysler Pacifica that I had but this is ruined me to Chrysler.
I bought the car from an individual 6 months ago.
I feel I got a great car for the price (eleven hund) It runs great and looks decent.
Yesterday my first problem....found out alternator needs to be replaced after147,000 miles.

Ike's !!! for this year and type, it's expensive
Nothing to complain about on it. I am the original owner and current driver that purchased my 2010 Sebring Touring no other words expressing. The car is excellent on gas & never had one problem with anything. I've religiously taken very great cared of everything on my car still comfortable and its unique than ever I buy another Chrysler for sure but 5 years sent off last payment don't want to start if have too but absolutely thankful this car runs like the day drove off the lot at now has 86,000 miles.
I bought my 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible with just 14,700 miles on the odometer. I'd owned the 99 Sebring Convertible, with a 2.5L engine before and enjoyed it very much. This one is heavier, and has a 3.5L engine. The interior of the 99 was nicer, as were the rims. The 2008 handles very well, and I like the "heavier" feeling on the road.

The 99 had limited trunk space (only one bag of golf clubs filled the available space) because a sizable portion had been carved out to store the convertible top when it was down. The 2008 design corrected this by storing the top in the trunk lid when it's down. It does have a very large trunk - even for a hard top car. The first time I put the top down and observed the "transformer" like, convoluted engineering they came up with to stash the top in the lid to the trunk - I knew that would be the first thing to break - and it was. The second thing to break was the plastic "ears"(which contain sensors) on the convertible top "carriage" that must be in place on the trunk sidewalls for the convertible top to operate.

Mechanically it has performed very nicely. It has solid acceleration which I appreciate when passing or merging onto the Interstate or turnpike. It lost it's solid "holding" the road at around 75000 miles and required new struts to correct the sloppiness and poor tire wear. Once the struts were replaced the solid, road hugging characteristic thankfully returned. It is timing belt driven, and I had that replaced at 86000. All in all I've enjoyed the car very much.
We purchased our 2006 Sebring Convertible (V6) with 9,000 miles on it at 1 year old for my wife. It was a ex-rental car. I have to say that until this past year we did not owe the car anything. Other than a hinge on the driver's door, it needed no repairs other than brakes, and regular services. The troubles all started at about 80,000 miles (right after the extended warranty ended). The horn was first with that crazy on-off whenever it felt like it problem, so I disconnected the horn. Odd to not have a horn but it has not been a concern (we do not have safety inspections here).The coolant system was next with the housing breaking causing an overheated condition. The hinge problem has come back also. Alternator went once. Brakes have been done again (regular pad/rotor change out). We noticed this past week that one of the radiator fans is running very rough causing a vibration noise. That will need to be changed when it dies. We are now about ready to have the 100,000 mile work done with engine tuneup, transmission service, inside engine cleaning, etc. Oil changes have been done at 3,000-5,000 intervals. Overall a good car as far as cost of ownership. Cars will last if you take care of them.
My husband and I purchased a used 2006 chrysler sebring touring convertible in September 2010. It had 50082 miles on it when we purchased the car. It is the first convertible I have ever owned. The brakes have been changed 2 times, but that is not bad considering how much I have driven my car. The body and interior is in good condition. I havent had any problems with the engine, drive train, exhaust & emissions or the suspension & steering. The heating & air coditioner works great. This past summer the heating & air conditioner motor has been making a roaring sound but it is still working fine. The lights work fine, just normal bulbs blown and had to be changed now and then. The power windows are the problem.I have had the most. The power window regulators need to be repaired. Above all for my chrysler sebring to be used when it was purchased it has been a very dependable car.
I have had major electrical issues with my 2002 Chrysler Sebring Sedan. My power locks, car charger and interior lights all quit. No one can find out how to fix these issues.
Runs but sounds like it's falling apart. Haven't taken it in yet. Scared of cost. Repair Pal says no recalls but this is what I've found:
2006 Chrysler Sebring recalls:
OCT 09,2009
I have a 2004 Sebring Limited. The engine went at 103,000 miles (head gaskets blew). Battery went 2 weeks ago (not complaining) Tie rod replaced last week. Starter failed today - had to call a tow truck to tow from office to the shop. Another 468.00 out of pocket...

This was my second Sebring - the first was JXI. I will NEVER EVER buy another.
Got a 2000 Sebring convertible with 114k on it 4 years ago. It now has 176k and running strong. I love the interior, the exterior and the way it handles. It drives like a true sports car. Theres a few people that said the car was going to be problematic, but none yet as its approaching 180 thousand miles. I use only synthetic motor oil as thats what the factory said to use in these cars. And they claim that most problems are from those that do not use synthetic or even change their oil on time, much less do the maintenance or tune ups required. I know a lot of people with convertible sebrings that seem to have mild to no issues at all. I truly believe its not the car that deserves the credit, its the owners. What the owner does determines how long a car will last.
Bought this 2007 Sebring new. It now has 114.000 miles on it with only one repair, the upper radiator hose. ($67.00) The interior and body are like new.
The car gets Synthetic oil change every 7,000 miles. We love this car and will keep diving another 100,00 plus miles.
Bought my 2.7 2005 Sebring Limited in 2006, used, with low miles. I now have 201,600 mostly highway miles on it. I've had to replace some front suspension parts over the years, and more recently wheel bearings, rotors don't hold up well. I've never run anything but synthetic oil in it. With this many miles I can't complain. Just now I've had the oil light start coming on intermittently when idling. And the check engine light comes on throwing a P0306 code. That light stayed on for 110 miles and then went out, but code is still there. The only other odd issue I've had over the years is dimming/blinking dash lights intermittently, for which no one could ever figure out the cause.
Bought new and have 66,000 miles on it. Only issue is 02 sensors - three replaced so far. Not looking foward to replacing the timing belt and the plugs (3.0 engine) as the intake has to be pulled for the plug R/R. Car known for its road noise but other than that, no complaints. Wife loves it.
I was so excited to have my first convertible and yes it is a 2006 chrysler sebring touring convertible. I have had people tell me not to get it cause they are nothing but a headache. Well I found out that to be so true. I have not been able to drive my car for 6 months now. I still owe on it. Will never own another one. Lesson learned. When you ask for help you get none or even an idea of what it could be, you get nothing.
I bought my 1999 Sebring 3 yrs.ago never a problem machanically. We had to unclogg the drain holes & the only other thing was fix the starter this spring. This is a great little car. Even at 155,595 miles & going
bought this car new has 189,000 miles on it and have had no engine problems only had to replace a couple senors, did have to replace heater switch twice but within first few years and now the problem seems to be fixed, it's been in six years. Otherwise I have changed the belts once and the fuel pump once and brakes once, it still has the original battery, replaced front wheel bearings once,still runs and drives like new, a very nice car

I have owned my Chrysler, Sebring for 2 years now. I have replaced the brakes at least twice. I am now having problems with the power windows. They go down and then do not want to come up. I have changed the fuse and it is doing it again. My mom noticed that the back window is coming apart from the vinely roof.
I have enjoyed driving my car, but it seems that all and all the brakes have been my most of my problems.
When I owned my Honda, I never had problems of any sort.
Been a fantastic car, 120,000 miles, very few problems most of them were normal for as many miles it has,we will definitely buy another one in the future but this one still looks and runs like new .only thing that would make it better would be a little more power . we love our Sebring Convertible super fun car !
I have a 2002 Chrysler sebring have had it 4 years and really had any problems. Got it paid for in Jan 2012 and the nightmares began. Had to have a water pump and they have to take everything apart to get to it and a tune up and that was almost $1000 and then had have it towed the starter relay went. This is all in a 2 week time. The car still was not starting right went back and then they said thought it was the fuel pump that would be about $600. I wanted to know how they came up with that and the guy said that is what i think it is. Did ask if they did any test to come up with that but I got a smart remark and so told him they got my last dollar.Did call the dealer ship back and asked if they could look and see what or if any test was done and they said they did a pressure test. I said when I asked why didn't he just tell me that. Let see i'm female and I think he thought I didn't know anything about cars.I have taken it to a another place that my brotherinlaw goes to and he just said that it is looking like the injectors. I have 69000 on my car and this is my first chrysler and my last one. I had my ford van with 135000 miles and in the shop one time. This car has got me broke if it is the injectors not sure how I will pay for this one.
I bought my 2006 Sebring with 12,000 miles on it. Besides the normal items like tires, brakes, oil changes, etc. I've never had any issues with this car. Starts every single time, drives great, roomy interior and trunk. Looks great driving down the road too.
I hate this car. I bought it almost 4 years ago and have had nothing but trouble from day 1. My car burns oil for whatever reason. I have replaced the wheel barrings 3 times, tie rods once, front suspension last November and the front left wheel barring for the 4th time shortly after my suspension was replaced. Also about a year after I got my car the paint on the hood only started chipping. Last November while I got my suspension done I also had them repaint my hood because all of the paint had chipped off!! Now the gears are starting to slip between 2 and 3 and between 3 and 4. My advice is do not ever buy a Chrysler, total waste of money.
Where do I begin? Paid off the car in 2008 and it started falling apart. I did have problems before it was paid off but afterwards they seem to come non stop. Water pump was the most expensive and time consuming repair... $1300 ...motor has to be removed to replace it. Battery is in a very inconvenient place...although the manual says it is easy to replace ... turn steering wheel all the way to the right to replace the battery...NOT THE CASE....the front driver side tire has to be removed. Struts replaced a couple of years ago $650.Ball joints replaced a couple of months ago. A/C has gone out 2 times. Tomorrow I am getting the oil sending unit replaced. I will not own another Chrysler. Think Iwould rather have a car payment than have this car nickel and dime me to death !
when i turn my wheel it sounds swiky and when i start my car the motor is to loud, my brakes are good and everything else but my front is no wsmashed in because the car is too low
This is the worst car I have ever owned. Very poor engineering and it is no wonder that Chrysler is in trouble. The water pump went out and caused the engine to jump time and trashed the engine. Paid $4000. to get a used engine put in. The drains in the rocker panels plug up and the interior fills with water. Poor engineering again! Alternator went out. Took to Pep Boys one Big Mistake! Cost $493.09 (labor was way out of line and gave car back with scratches on the front end)Alternator was $149.00 They also said I needed a Battery but I didn't! Pep Boys also wanted to charge me $168.00 to replace the oil pressure switch. The dealer only charges $75.00. Trans shifts had and nobody knows why!This site shows Pep Boys as a repair shop to use but I would say BEWARE!!!! Bottom line the car is very poorly made and Pep Boys will take advantage of you and trash you car!!! Use caution when considering a Chrysler or Pep Boys as a repair shop!
I have recently purchased a 2008 sebring convertible. The dash lights for the gas guage, temp and rpm were working and about 4 weeks after the purchase they went out. I made an appt with the dealership and the morning of they started working. So they could not trouble shoot. They worked for a week and now are out again. Owners manual does not talk about this light specifically. I have turned all the settings on the control knob and nothing works. I am really frustrated with this intermittant problem.
The other problem is the steering wheel wines when turned and the dealership wanted tocharge me $400.
I have a 2005 Chrysler Sebring I brought it used. I have had it for only four months. The check engine light came on two days after I took it home. The light has been on ever since. It has been to a Chrysler dealership five times and the light is still on. Frist they said that it was a senser then the converder then they said that the converder that they put in was bad,so they replaced it but the light still came on. They said that they don't know what else to do. I have another appt. on Jan. 16th 2012 maybe you can help.
I bought this convertible in January, 2003. It has been such a GREAT car! (She even has a name, like a member of the family.) I am of the belief that if you take care of a car, it will take care of you. When something sounded, felt or smelled funny, I took it to my mechanic. I religiously changed her oil every 3,000. Before a long trip, and I mean more than 1,000 miles at a time, I had her checked out and she NEVER disappointed or stranded me. I drove her gently and almost always got 30-32 mpg on the highway. Now that she is an older girl with 158,900 miles on the odometer, I bought a 2008 Sebring Convertible. My mechanic said there was no reason the 1999 shouldn't have given me 250,000 miles. So, she is going to my 22 year-old niece and namesake who I hope will love and care for her just as I did. I will always miss my "Miss Pearl" and I trust my newer "Ms. Sterling" will be as reliable for me.
I purchased a 2008 Sebring from Germaine Toyota, I Have had problem with the steering, everytime I turn I get this knocking, I took the car in for a oil change and they told me I need to replace all the struts. a purchase i wasn'nt looking to have so soon I brought the car in 2010, is there a lot of issues with the steering and struts with this car?
I bought my 2010 Sebring touring edition in Jan. of 2011. It only had 9 miles on it and was perfect for my new family. I have 15700 miles on it and i have already had it serviced 3 times for the ETC (electronic throttle control) and now i am having another elictrical problem. as of now my car is off with no key in or around the car. key fob untouched and no possible buttons being pressed on the fob. My hazard lights flash twice at random. the car unlocks itself and both the driver and passanger side front windows roll down entirely on their own. Im hoping to get a no lemon return and refund. I love the car and everything about it but this individual car is not realiable enough to support my family and work needs. I am very dissapointed and fed up with the experience. first and probaly last chrysler i ever buy.
Have 2001 sebring convertible. Most common cause of engine failure is if you have a small water leak..water pump is inside the crankcase, if you let the little leak go too long it dumps coolant into crankcase. Water pumps start going just after 100,000 miles. Shortly thereafter the motor goes. Now have a problem with the tach and speedo guage lights are out (were off and on now just out) understand it is a cluster board..anyone know about this repair?